Playtex 4693

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Women have different needs for the pieces of clothing, and the bra is a piece of clothing without which women cannot feel comfortable. Intimates for women are offered by different brands; however, all brands do not attract women. There are very few brands in the U.S. (United States) that address the needs of women while offering them the intimates. One of those few brands is Playtex. Playtex was founded in 1932, and today it has become a brand that offers intimates to women by fulfilling all needs of women. When it comes to bra, Playtex is the top choice of women. Why?

Why Playtex Bras?

Playtex bras are impeccable for any woman. Playtex owns a respectable place in the eyes of women owing to its top-notch products for women. Whenever women have to choose in between the brands of bras, Playtex is usually the choice of women, because Playtex bras last longer than other brands of bras.

The durability of Playtex Bras:

Women can choose the right size bras for themselves by seeing the size chart of the bras from an apparel store where they may be shopping online. Playtex bras last longer, so durability is not an issue with them.

Bras That Playtex Make:

Playtex bras come in different forms ranging from wire-free to underwire bras. All Playtex bras are of high quality. Playtex usually makes wire-free bras, but it does not mean that its underwire bras lack quality. If you have not tried Playtex bras before, then it is time you gave it a try. We suggest you buy the following Playtex bra if you want to have a unique experience of wearing a bra: Playtex Women’s 18 Hour Original Comfort Strap Full Coverage Bra.

What Can You Experience as a Woman by Wearing a Playtex Bra?

Here are some of the things that you will experience as a woman by wearing Playtex wire-free bra:

  1. It will suit your body because it is made up of lightweight material, and it has a smooth finish.
  2. You will get prime comfort and also full satisfaction after wearing it.
  3. It will fit your body perfectly.
  4. It will work with a variety of outfits, as it is available in different colours.
  5. This bra has ideal padding, and it is not too bright.
  6. The smooth texture of this bra makes it comfortable against the skin.
  7. It can be washed with ease.
  8. Its decent hook and eye closure give great assistance to women.

Ins and Outs about a Wirefree Bra

Bras have been around us for over a century, and wire-free (wireless) bras have become very popular in the last few years. Wirefree bras, as the name suggests, are bras without an underwire.

When Do You Wear a Wireless Bra?

Women wear wireless bras while sleeping or lounging or when they experience breast tenderness.

Why Should You Choose a Wireless Bra?

Women opt for wireless bra either for their comfort or for experiencing the freedom of a bra without wires. Nowadays, wire-free bras are very popular.

Benefits of Wearing a Wirefree Bra:

Wirefree bras are more comfortable as compared to the underwire bras. For the same reason, many women in the U.S. (United States) prefer a wireless bra over an underwire. If a woman wants light support for her breast, the right choice for the bra is a wire-free bra. Wirefree bra is the right replacement of an everyday bra for a woman.

Are Savings Important If You Buy a Wirefree Bra?

Savings on bras can help you out to do more shopping. The question is: Which place should you opt to buy a wire-free bra for a discounted price? We suggest that you buy bras from an online eCommerce store, and we recommend you to buy bras in a bulk quantity. In this way, you can save enough money. You can use your saved money to purchase other pieces of clothing for your everyday wear. So, savings are important when you buy a wireless bra.

A Misconception about Wireless Bras:

There is a misconception that women with smaller breasts can get away with bralettes (a wireless bra); there exist wireless bras that offer a lot of support to women. The support of such kind of a wireless bra is completely determined by design. Wireless bra with a wide under-band elastic can behold firmly around the body of women so that they can raise their arms in the air without a bra sliding up over their breasts. This explanation justifies that wireless bras are not just meant for women with smaller breasts.

Which Is the Best Wireless Bra?

To help you out on choosing the best-selling wireless bra of the U.S., we recommend you to buy Playtex 4693. Women who have tried this bra have become addicted to it after the first time of trial. It is the best bra for ladies with the large busts and for ladies who want wireless support. This bra is available online in unique colours and adjustable padded straps, so, buying this bra for 18 hours of relaxation time is not a bad deal.


Bras have been around women for a century, and one of the most widely used bras that are, used by women today is a wire-free bra. Wirefree bra is a great bra for everyday wear, and it provides the right comfort to the body of a woman. There is one misconception about wireless bras, which is: They are only meant for women with smaller breasts. Last but not least, wire-free bras are one of the best bras that exist for women in this world.

This is what you will experience as a woman by utilizing a Playtex bra. Let us recall briefly whatever we have discussed in this article. Playtex is a brand of intimates, and its bras address the different needs and want of women. It has been one of the market leaders of intimates in the U.S. for many decades. Playtex bras are usually the choice of women owing to their characteristics. If you are a woman who is after a high-quality bra in the U.S., then we suggest you to choose Playtex bra. Last but not least, Playtex is one of the leading manufacturers of bras in the U.S.