bitumen driveways Sydney

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As a homeowner, your concerns should not only be limited to the interiors of your house. You should also consider the exterior parts as most people living in your neighborhood will first notice them.

Exterior parts like the roof, the fence, the lawn, and the driveway should look good to add more appeal to the overall look of the house and help add more value to it.

If you are thinking of great options for driveways, home experts suggest only two choices- concrete and asphalt or bitumen driveways Sydney.

As a homeowner, you ought to know that each option has its advantages and it is worthwhile to look at these before making any final decision. After all, the small, seemingly inconsequential choices you make can have a long-term effect.

Concrete driveways:

Although some homeowners favor the use of concrete for driveways for a variety of reasons, others still doubt its practicality.

One of the best features of concrete driveways is the resilience of the material against constant exposure to water, moisture, and even heavy vehicular traffic.

Concrete too is versatile as well. It can be colored to match the overall palette of the property. With the addition of patterns, surface texture can be improved.

Asphalt or bitumen driveways:

However, many homeowners still opt for asphalt driveways because asphalt or bitumen is considerably cheaper than concrete and installation and curing time usually can be done overnight. If you cannot afford to forgo the use of your driveway for an extended period, asphalt is the way to go.

#Easy to repair

Another definite plus for asphalt driveways is that minor repairs can be done quickly and without too much pressure on your budget.

With spot repairs, you do not have to completely overhaul the driveway; neither do you have to fork out a substantial amount of cash. Builders favor asphalt for sloped paths because the material is flexible and moves with pressure.

#No stainings

Finally, asphalt fares well against stains. With concrete, you have to be on the lookout against unsightly stains. Of course, choosing the type of material to be used for your driveway is just part of the equation.

Just like choosing a contractor for house demolition, homeowners should opt for a reputable driveway contractor.

When owning a property, you want to make sure that you build it right and attractive. Of course, no homeowner wishes to have an unsightly property since it can affect the perception of individuals passing by or of neighbors.

Thus, more and more homeowners opt for ways to improve their properties, from landscapes, ponds or even driveways.

#Improves the look of your property

As of today, driveways are essential in every home most especially if homeowners own a car. Surely, you wish to create a good driveway for your investment.

Aside from that, driveways can also increase the value of your property, helping you have better finances in case you wish to sell your property in the future.

However, creating driveways is also expensive. You need to make use of good items that can provide you with long-lasting driveways.

Fortunately, you can use materials other than concrete such as bitumen. Listed below are some of the reasons homeowners opt for bitumen driveways.


Cost-efficient – Bitumen driveways are cheaper than concrete. Moreover, when it comes to creating one, using bitumen for driveways can be more cost-efficient since labor costs are also lower. Concerning repairs, homeowners can repair it themselves.

By purchasing a spot treatment solution, getting rid of cracks and chips in your bitumen driveway is much easier.

On the other hand, when cement driveways are damaged, you need to rebuild almost everything, unlike bitumen where you can easily repair the damaged part easily and efficiently.

Ease of installation:

Easier to complete – Cement is very durable. Yet, you need to let the cement dry for days to ensure its durability. Thus, you cannot use your driveway for days, which can affect your tasks at home.

Meanwhile, with the use of bitumen, driveways can be accomplished easily. This is possible since this material dries and hardens easily. Hence, you can use your driveways immediately.

Better in slope driveways:

Since moving in the earth’s plates is unstable, there are times when concrete may crack. However, when using bitumen, this issue is eliminated. This is possible since bitumen expands and contracts to depend on the earth’s movement.

Another advantage of using bitumen is that it is much prone to salt, which is used to melt sleets of ice since it can withstand the salt’s acidity.