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The solid wood tables are the ideal choice for your home, whatever the predominant style and the chosen decor. And in this post we are going to explain why. The solid wood tables are 100% natural, resistant and also have a much higher quality and durability than any other furniture manufacturing material.

It’s warm and homey appearance are decisive for many people when choosing one type of furniture or another. In addition, wood does not go out of style and is very versatile: you can combine it with furniture and accessories in other styles without visually clashing.

Characteristics and properties of solid wood tables

The solid wood is a completely natural wood, are pieces that have not been altered none, and therefore have more firmness and strength. What is most appreciated about this type of table is its aesthetics, marked by the knots, veining and cracks that it presents throughout its entire surface. They also offer us durability over time that no other material offers, as well as the quality they possess. Wood furniture is the most important thing in our life here you can see the best furniture products online.

The solid wood tables do not have to be all identical, since such wood may come from different trees, such as oak, beech or ash, and because of this have a completely different look. In addition, they adapt to any decorative style, so you can include a solid wood table in your home at any time, and without having to modify the rest of the decoration.

Solid wood supports almost any color combination, so you can give more room and light to your living room with a solid wood table in white or in a lighter shade. They will also bring a more modern, sophisticated and elegant air to your living room.

Solid wood furniture manufacturers today offer multiple leg options that you can add to your table and give it a completely different look if you choose one or the other. If you include glass legs, the contrast with the solid wood tabletop will be spectacular, and will give your dining room a much more modern and trendy look.

The Twins table, from the Italian firm, has a 3.5cm solid wood tabletop. Thick and transparent crystal central legs with an oblique shape. Its irregular cover will give your dining room a rustic and modern look at the same time.

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On the other hand, if you have succumbed to the industrial style trend, the best thing to do is choose to accompany your table with iron or steel legs in an oxide or anthracite finish. And if rustic style is your thing, the Brooklyn table will undoubtedly be the icing on the cake. It is completely made of solid oak, is of Italian design and has 20cm legs. Thick. It is available in three different sizes and is fully customizable, thanks to the multiple finishes available.

Similarly, solid wood tables not only concern dining tables, but also coffee tables. Being a material with a higher cost, you can always opt for a coffee table to accompany your sofa. Solid pine wood is just as strong as oak or beech, but is usually cheaper. Other models of coffee tables usually only have solid wood legs to provide more resistance and robustness to the stability and durability of the furniture, leaving the top in natural wood or chipboard.