Teens Social Media Activities

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This is the age of technology. By every passing day technology is getting better, smarter plus also accessible to all. This isn’t at all a bad thing that you are just a click away from reaching out to your loved ones thousands of miles away from you, but with great benefits come great consequences. These consequences come in the name of privacy. Children and young people are seen arguing about their private life and how intervening in their lives at such a tender age is not at all respecting them or you can say that it is highly doubted by them. Unfortunately for their parents it’s a big concern because these concerned parents have to look into the matters of their young children like what is going on in their lives and what if they are actively participating in some killer games like BLUE WHALE. The question that ascends is that why do these children need that privacy or what actually are they trying to hide?

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Disguise is always on the cards of human beings whether it is faking crying just to seek attention of the parents as babies or to become smarter from older siblings to be more prominent in the eyes of mother or father it keeps happening steadily till a certain age. Children tend to disguise too and make parents feel like they are indulging in something constructive work when that actually isn’t the case. Mostly people are concerned about their reputation all the time. Children want to portray a better image of themselves to everyone. They would try to hide bad grades or assignments with lower marks. They like all other humans irrespective of their age are presenting an improved version of themselves to others including parents and close relatives which is human nature.

Kids are ignoring

There are some other reasons too for children to hide certain things from their parents like their growing and raging hormones which are sometimes ignored by parents as they keep assuming that their children are still young. They hide how they have changed from small children to teens who are actively trying to convert innocent friendships into something more than that. Their social behavior also changes and they feel brave enough to tackle all by themselves like when they are being bullied on the internet and most probably they would not want to share that bad experience with someone as close to them as their own parents the. Now a days cyber bullying is also on the rise and young teenagers have been a victim of this modern curse.

Sexual harassment is also not reported by children as they feel low on self-esteem or they are afraid of sharing that part of their life with even the closest of relationships. It sure is their inexperience and less confidence that they feel it shouldn’t be discussed openly.

Another thing that is worth hiding from the eyes of their parents is their activities on the internet especially on the social platforms like TIK TOK, Snap Chat and Tinder where they take huge risks to win more and more followers and they also date other teenagers on platforms like tinder which encourage teenagers to indulge in such harmful activity and obviously they don’t want to show all this to their parents.

The question is that what the parents can do to keep an eye on the activities of children on these online platforms? The answer is simple; they should use spaying software like the BlurSPY Android monitoring software to keep an eye on each and every activity of these young teenagers. The BlurSPY is fast, secure and reliable and you can count on it to stand by your side when it is needed. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get this best spaying tool for yourself before it’s too late.

Children make your life important.