Natural green contact lenses

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Colored contact lenses are having a big moment and it is all due to a number of celebrities donning them in public. From T.V stars to sports stars, everyone is giving this trend a try and boost!

Nina Doborev of the famous T.V series, Vampire diaries, is an ambassador for a known contact lens brand and it is no surprise that she is at the fore-front. When she stepped out wearing natural green lenses recently, the particular colored lenses became the best-sellers and this trend has continued till now.

Furthermore, the star power of Rihanna, who has naturally green eyes, has further added to this trend. Natural green contact lenses are in the spotlight more than ever and we share why that is so!

Green Color and What it Signifies

Green is the color of nature. It exudes energy, harmony and freshness. Needless to say, this is one color that you can never go wrong with, whether you are choosing this color for your dress, your lenses or for your home. It is a color that radiates peace. That said, as far as naturally colored eyes are concerned, green colored eyes are the most coveted but rarest of all the eye colors.

No wonder green colored lenses are so popular!

Green Colored Lenses Suit Everyone

If this is your first time trying out colored contact lenses, then opt for natural green lenses without hesitation. This beautiful color compliments all skin tones.

From enhancing the beauty of those with fair complexions to giving a sparkling effect to those with a darker complexion, you can never go wrong with green lenses. If you don’t want to completely change the color of your eye to natural green, then you can use natural green tinted lenses to simply add a greenish hue to your natural eye color.

On the other hand, if you totally want to revamp your eyes, then you can use opaque natural green lenses that can completely change the color your eye. How cool is that!

Green Colored Lenses Go with Every Color

Now that you have decided on wearing natural green lenses, you are faced with another dilemma. What color outfit should you go for? Luckily for you, natural green is a color that goes with all the colors in the color palette. You can opt for any color and style of outfit and trust us, you will be rocking it!

Whether you are attending a day event or a night party, natural green lenses will go with whatever color outfit you are wearing.

You Can Play Around with Makeup When Wearing Green Lenses

When it comes to pulling off a look, how you do your makeup plays an important role. Makeup colors that don’t compliment your skin or eyes are definitely a big no-no.

Luckily for you, if you have chosen to wear natural green lenses, you can literally play around with the makeup color palette. From rich red tones to shades of plum and pink and even shimmery green eye shadow, no color is literally left behind when highlighting your green eyes.

However, if you are not into using eye shadows, you can simply dust your eyes with shimmer in natural colors, line your lids with soft brown kohl and add a bold lip color. Trust us, this minimal look will make your eyes stand out like anything!

Green Lenses Are Perfect for Summers!

You may not have given it a thought but the color of your lenses and the seasonal changes actually work along! Strange, isn’t it? The color of your lenses and the seasons actually interplay and should compliment each other.

For example, in summers, we always opt for light and cool tones as far as our clothing is concerned and in winters, we opt for warmer tones to compliment the season. Similarly, when it comes to choosing the color of your lenses, keep in mind that light and cool tones work well in summers, just like warm tones work well in winters. Out of all the colors, natural green is one of the coolest colors that compliments not only the wearer but also the scorching summers.

Green Lenses Are Available Easily

Being the most coveted colored lenses, it is assumed that Natural green contact lenses will be hard to find. Contrary to this belief, natural green lenses are easily available in the market and online. One of the most interesting aspects of this particular color of lenses is that they are available in two types depending on your needs.

Opaque lenses that totally change the color of your eyes and enhancement-tint lenses that simply add a greenish hue or tint the natural color of your eyes, without overwhelming it.

Rock this Season’s Biggest Trend by Wearing Natural Green Lenses!