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Women’s empowerment is meant to empower women so that they can make their own decisions. Women have caused a lot of harm to men over the years. In the first century, they were considered almost non-existent. As such, all rights are as basic as voting for men. With the development of time, women realized their power. This is where the revolution of women’s empowerment started.

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Since women were not allowed to make their own decisions, female empowerment came as a breath of fresh air. This made them aware of their rights and how to make them their place in society without relying on any male. This acknowledges the fact that things may not work for anyone due to sex. But when we talk about the reasons that we need, we still have a long way to go.

Need women’s empowerment

Almost every country, no matter how progressive, has a history of dealing with women. In other words, women all over the world have revolted today to reach that status. Although Western countries are still making progress, women are not far behind in empowering third world countries like India.

Women’s empowerment is more needed in India than ever before. India is one of the countries which is not safe for women. There are many reasons for this. First, women in India are at risk of honor killing. If they feel ashamed of their heritage’s reputation, their family considers it their right to take life.

Furthermore, views on education and freedom are extremely sensitive here. Women are not allowed to pursue higher education, they get married soon. In some areas, men still dominate women, because it is the duty of a woman to work continuously. They do not allow them to go out or gain any kind of freedom.

In addition, domestic violence is a major problem in India. Men kill and torture their wives because they think women are their property. More because women are afraid to talk. In the same way, women who actually work get less pay than their male counterparts because paying someone a lower price for the same job is completely unfair and sexist. Therefore, we are looking at how women empowerment needs time. We should give these women the right to speak for themselves and never fall prey to injustice.

How to empower women?

There are different ways that any woman can be empowered. Both individuals and governments must unite to do so. Girls relieve stress need to make their studies compulsory so that women can become illiterate for their lifestyle.

Women should be given equal opportunities in every field, regardless of gender. In addition, they have to be paid equally. We can empower women by canceling child marriages. Various programs should be put in place to prevent them from financial crises, where they can be taught skills.

Above all, the shame of divorce and abuse should be thrown out the window. Many women are in abusive relationships due to fear of society. Parents should teach their daughters that it is okay to divorce and return home instead of a coffin.