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Traveling on a bike is an incredible feeling and a different way to combine cycling with cycling. Cycling tours have special equipment needs, starting with the most important part: the bike itself. If you want to get it right the first time, it’s important to know how to choose a touring bike that best suits your needs.

One of the goals of The Adventure Junkies is to help you choose outdoor gear. There are hundreds of different bike models on the market, and the internet is full of information about bikes that make it hard to know where to start. So let’s start. Follow these some important steps to learn how to choosing touring bike.

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As with any type of equipment, your budget will determine what you will get. However, having a small budget does not mean you can not get a good bike to travel. It only means that you will have to be prudent with your money and decide which components you want to invest in and what can be cheaper.


If you plan to ride a bicycle in Europe, EE. In the US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, you can worry less about having the best bike because quality spare parts and replacements are available immediately.

However, if you plan to venture to less developed countries, it will be more difficult to find quality spare parts in case you need them. Therefore, you will have to plan accordingly.

Your best bet is to go with components that are “as standard as possible”. In other words, use what can be found anywhere in the world. While it is good to use disc brakes or tires, good luck repairing or replacing them in remote areas. A breakdown may mean that you are stuck in a place for weeks and hours waiting for the parts to arrive.

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If you plan to walk on pavement for most of your trip, a basic road bicycle with thin tires would be your best option. Even a road bike could do the job if it is not carrying a lot of weight.

On the other hand, if you plan on walking a lot off the road, a mountain bike with a front suspension will be useful. Your wrists and your butt will appreciate the extra cushioning on bumpy roads.

What happens if you plan to do a little of both? Then you will need to make some sacrifices and get something that works well in both areas. Hybrid tires and the only front suspension could be the way to go in your case.


For short trips almost any bike will work. However, for long distance trips, I would recommend that you invest in buying a bicycle that is designed to last and that is designed specifically for travel.

If it’s just starting, we recommend that you get something cheap and hit the road on a short trip, even a weekend. By doing this, you will see what you like, dislike it, and what components you would like to update. Do not make the same mistake as many people by investing a lot in advance on a bike that you do not really need.


Many cyclists will agree that one of the most stressful parts of a bicycle tour is to take your bike on a bus, train or plane. Sometimes you can plan ahead, but sometimes you have to take a bus because of a breakdown or illness.

Whatever your plan, there are certain bicycles that will double your stress in these situations, such as a tandem bike or the use of a cart.

Folding bicycles like Brompton are increasingly popular among cyclists. They are strong, small and folding. Ideal for short to medium distance bicycle trips, especially when several flights are taken and buses are involved.


Cycle tourism is different from conventional cycling. You will spend longer hours in the chair, so comfort is much more important than speed.

Bicycles that are specifically designed to travel have a different frame geometry, which allows the cyclist to sit in a more comfortable and correct position.

Before deciding on a specific model, we recommend that you try it. Try to get the bike shop to take it for a walk or rent it for a weekend. If you return with pain in your knees or neck, you need to adjust or change something on the bicycle.

This is when a bicycle shop with tourism experience is priceless. Only a small change in the height of the seat or the position of the handlebar can completely change how you feel on the bike.