popular styles of parenting

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There is no perfect parenting style that one can follow. Parenting means being able to adapt and handle uncertain situations. You never know how your child will surprise you. The way of parenting differs from individual to individual; however, parenting styles are broadly classified into four types. 

  1. Authoritarian
  2. Authoritative
  3. Permissive
  4. Uninvolved

In general, any parent must allow healthy growth and conversations to happen. Your morals and values will have a great deal of influence on your kid. Ensure to interact with your child and be flexible to understand them. Your understanding and what you think about your child matters to them.

Each style has different characteristics and has a varied effect on children. 

Authoritarian parenting

As the name suggests, this parenting style is where the parents want the children to follow all rules and obey. They believe discipline and value are of utmost importance and use that as a perspective.

Authoritarian parents are commonly called strict parents. Generally, the children fear their parents if they break the rules and tend to become liars. When the consequences are a bit severe, the children might also start to dislike the parents, which eventually lead to a lack of interaction and healthy relationships. However, children of authoritative parents come as good children with values and obedience. They take precautions and evaluate risk before doing anything. But they might tend to have problems with parents who are supposed to be a source of strength.

Authoritative parenting

Authoritative parents have a balance in their character. While they enforce rules and good habits, they also are friends to their children. They build a positive atmosphere so that the child can talk and share emotions. They constantly keep a check on their children and well-being and teach them things that are required for them to be independent.

The child might feel he is being watched over all the time and is not trusted if parents of this type overstep.

Permissive Parenting

Parents who believe children must learn on their own with little interference from parents are permissive parents. They give in to children’s demands and don’t follow any strict rules. They have a forgiving attitude and take charge only when it is serious. They let children learn on their own and be a friend to them.

The problem with this parenting is the child may get aggressive when his demands aren’t met in the outer world. When they see the outer world is challenging and different, they may have problems respecting authorities and following rules. They may also have poor decision-making skills. As parents of this type don’t believe in forcing children to do things, they might pick up bad habits.

Uninvolved Parenting

 Uninvolved parents generally lack the idea of parenting and put in less effort. They have no clue about their child, his performance, or his friends. They expect the children to learn themselves without guidance. Sometimes, it could be the environment of the parents that makes them act this way. It could be they have no time for their children or problems with the relationship.

The child of an uninvolved parent will be susceptible to mental health issues. That is because the child will feel he is not loved or cared for by his parents. It becomes difficult for the child to talk to parents when he has some problems. It becomes too heavy to handle all by themselves.

Authoritative parenting is regarded as the best. It validates the children’s opinions and feelings and also reinforces good behavior. Today there are many more models like tiger moms, helicopter moms, etc. At the end of the day, all it matters is your relationship with your child. Talk often and understand things from their perspective. One more way to good parenting is to do something that you wished your parents did for you.

Happy parenting!

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