Ring for a woman

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Are the rings only worn with the fingers of the hand? Can two rings be worn on the same finger at the same time? How to choose this or that hand for his jewelry? There is a wide range of options for choosing and wearing women’s rings. Discover now our tips on how to wear your various rings and rings.

  1. Wear ring on ring finger

Traditionally, the directory of the left hand is intended for the wearing of the alliance. In general, the woman wears the engagement ring on that finger before the wedding. After the wedding, most women wonder if they can continue to put on their two jewels. Many women choose to keep their engagement ring safe. However, one can quite wear his engagement ring with his wedding ring, on his only left ring finger. It all depends on the size, the material and the precious stones of your wedding ring and your engagement ring. Since the wedding ring is usually a thin gold ring, it can be perfectly paired with a solitaire diamond ring or any other more impressive jewel. Other,

2. Wear your ring on the other fingers of your hand

We can of course wear rings on all the fingers of both hands, whether a woman or a man. Some people give a meaning to the finger chosen to wear a particular jewel. For example, a woman who puts a jewel on the thumb would be rather extroverted. Of course it is not necessary to know these various interpretations on the fingertips to choose where to wear his ring! To make it simpler, it is advisable to choose his rings according to the morphology of his fingers and his hands. It is also wise to ensure that your jewelry does not clutter you in your daily work. For this purpose, if you are right-handed, it is better to wear his rings in the left hand (to put his ring safely).

3. Wear your ring pendant around your neck

It is very easy to turn the rings into a pendant. All you have to do is pair them with a necklace or chain in a suitable material and look. It is a very practical and trendy formula to continue wearing a ring that has become too small or to keep the memory of someone dear. In the same way, you can also wear a ring like a “charms” (in charm on a bracelet).

4. Wear a ring with phalanges and toes

Phalanx rings have been very popular lately. They are usually extremely fine and imitate geometric shapes or patterns such as stars, lightning, etc. Whether they are steel, silver, gold, etc., these rings make it easy to parry a hand and showcase your other jewels.

Toe rings are the other types of rings that appear frequently on the fashion scene. These are of course very small rings that can be worn on one or more toes. To put perfectly in value these jewels of foot, it will be necessary to cure his pedicure.

Did you know?

Everyone has their perception and a very different reason to wear jewelry. Sign of femininity and seduction, the jewel says a lot about who we are. In addition to its decorative value, it can carry historical and sentimental significance.

The wearing of jewels: sign of belonging

The wearing of jewelry can have several meanings. Wearing jewelry can be a sign of associative membership (the pin for the “Rotary” or the “Lions club”), religious (the cross for Catholics, the fatma hand for Muslims or the Star of David for the Jewish religion), ethnic (example of the fabulous dream catcher) or family (such as the wearing of the gold rush, symbol of love, by women of all ages in some families). Wearing jewelry can also express a sentimental value (eg jewelry circulating from generation to generation in some families as well as wedding rings).

Wearing jewelry for spiritual reasons

Wearing jewelry would bring good luck and protect against misfortunes. According to the legend, the diamond for example would have magic powers (it would remove the bad eye). The king of precious stones is also the symbol of perfection and a pledge of love. Many women wear rose gold semi mount rings that will sublimate their finger while giving them a touch of positive energy.

The wearing of jewelry: a reflection of the personality

Wearing jewelry reflects the personality. Wearing jewelry is a great way to express you and be unique. The variety that the jewelry industry offers today allows each person to find their own look and convey the message they want through accessories. Thus, women as much as men wear jewelry according to their moods. Some craze for classic jewelry while others prefer whimsical jewelry with more volume. Tastes are as diverse as the characters of the people who wear them.

Wearing jewels: symbol of seduction

We wear jewelry to sublimate our body and showcase. Women thus affirm their femininity, attract the eye, bring out their natural beauty, simply seduce. But still, will it be necessary to choose his jewels , because one does not wear any jewel anyhow on anything? Of course the diversity of jewelry can find the one that will match your morphology!

Round-faced women will have to opt for dangling earrings to lengthen them, and especially avoid imposing or rounded earrings. A V necklace worn around their necks will also give their face length. As for the earrings, it should be noted that they must be in contrast with your face. For example, one can wear round earrings when one has an angular face. It is rather the opposite for the choice of the necklace, since its shape must give the reflection of your morphology. Women with a slim silhouette must bet on a discreet necklace while women with a round silhouette will be able to dare an imposing necklace.

To obviously shorten one’s neck, one must wear a crew neck, and to have the opposite effect (visually lengthen one’s neck), one must choose a long necklace under the breasts. Women with small breasts will opt for a thin collar so as not to visually crush their chest.

Regarding the choice of the ring, a ring that fits the shape of your hand should never be too small at the risk of squeezing your finger and highlight the curves. Women with short knuckles will be able to crack for thin rings with long stone for example.

Regarding the choice of bracelets that will sublimate your wrist, do not choose too tight to avoid the effect puddled. It should be noted that the accumulation of wrist bracelets makes it possible to thin the arm; so, do not hesitate!