how to maintain breast size after pregnancy

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Of course, I was aware that my breasts could change when I had children and breastfeed them. But accepting something for knowledge is very different from experiencing the facts personally. Moreover, I also heard the positive stories of girls who had fuller breasts from their pregnancy, or that their breasts had hardly changed. Secretly I already belonged to this last group.

After I had stopped breastfeeding my daughter, my breasts felt ‘strange’ for a few weeks, as if the cells were rearranging. Occasionally a stabbing pain went through. I waited patiently. When both the mammary gland tissue and the strange feeling had disappeared, two used tea bags remained. I have no other words for it: that’s how they look now.

I went looking for ways to give your breasts more firmness and volume after pregnancy. There is no shortage of tips on this on the internet. Whether or not they are useful tips can be discussed. In this article, I discuss several frequently mentioned tips for firmer and larger breasts after pregnancy, and to what extent they are worth following up.

Tip 1 – Breast enlargement supplements

Breast enlargement supplements are claimed to be safe, easy, and the best way to enlarge your breast size. Although many forums and websites claim that it is not safe and best practice to use supplements for breast enlargement. 

It is because many prescribed medications are available in the market that provides instant results but carry numerous side effects, and also the results are not for the long term. 

Therefore it is advised to use herbal supplements for breast enlargement as they are formulated with natural ingredients and do not possess any side effects. 

Tip 2 – Breast strengthening exercises

Then there are the breast strengthening exercises, which try to increase part of the volume by making your skin and underlying chest muscles stronger. Chest muscle exercises may make some difference, but this will not be a big difference. This is, in fact, anatomically impossible: your breasts consist of glandular, fat, and connective tissue, not muscle tissue.

You will, therefore, have to grow quite a few underlying chest muscles if you want to be able to compensate for the volume of lost fat and glands! And get this done without losing so much weight that your breasts lose even more fat. The extent to which this tip is helpful to you will depend in particular on the extent to which you are prepared to do and maintain these chest muscle exercises – as soon as you stop the exercises, muscles disappear like snow in the sun.

Tip 3 – Lipofilling

Lipofilling (fat transplantation) is a procedure whereby fat cells are harvested in one place of the body, filtered, and then injected in another place. Lipofilling can, among other things, enlarge the breasts, certainly in women who have been pregnant and may still have some excess fat that they would like to get rid of.

With lipofilling the breasts can only be enlarged one cup size. Possible side effects of lipofilling are the development of accumulations, oil cysts and / or calcifications due to fat necrosis in the breast.

For ladies who struggle with extra size, lipofilling as a method for breast augmentation seems a valuable option to me!

Tip 4 – Breast lift

If your breasts still have sufficient volume, but if they have become very limp and hang, a breast lift can be a good option. With a breast lift (mastopexy) the volume of the breast is changed not so much with the aid of a surgical procedure but in particular the shape of the breast to a more ‘standing’ breast shape in which the nipple protrudes. Any excess skin is hereby removed.

There are various (patented) methods to lift the breasts, some of which are more invasive in nature than others. A breast lift can be combined well with a breast augmentation with implants.

Tip 5 – Breast implants

In many cases, the ‘old-fashioned’ breast augmentation with implants still gives the best results. With the help of a surgical procedure, a prosthesis is introduced into the breast, whereby both the shape and the size of the breast are changed.

So much has already been written about this that I do not feel called to elaborate on it in this article. I myself do not like the idea of ​​breast implants, but for women who have no problem with this, this way of breast augmentation – or beautification, is a good and lasting option.