Tips For Men To Groom

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Men and grooming, it may sound a bit strange, but nowadays it is a real trend! Men are increasingly aware of a healthy lifestyle, a good appearance, and of course, that includes external care. Here are some vital tips for external care to look well-groomed.

1. Cleaning the skin

The skin is the natural outfit of our body. Your skin is confronted daily with harmful external influences such as sun, wind, exhaust gases, etc. Your skin itself also releases waste products that come from the inside, so the skin deserves a good cleansing. Use a mild cleanser without soap as soap dries out the skin, and that can cause annoying irritations. Thoroughly clean the skin in the morning and the evening, so that skincare products can do their work optimally. Do not forget to clean your neck; it is usually quickly forgotten.

2. Scrubbing is a must

It is best to scrub your skin once a week with a mild scrub cream. The skin gets a good thorough cleansing, and with this, you immediately remove dead skin cells. If these dead skin cells remain on the skin, there is a good chance that the dead skin cells end up in the hair follicles and can cause irritations such as red, dry, and irritated skin. Scrub also ensures that facial hair becomes softer so that ingrown hairs are prevented, and wounds are less likely to occur when shaving. Please do not use the scrub around the eyes as the skin is too thin and can damage it.

3. Take care of your face for a healthy look

After cleansing and exfoliating (once or twice a week), skincare is essential. Because the skin is well cleaned, a day or night cream can optimally do its job. A day cream provides care and hydration, whereas a night cream has healing and cell renewal properties. Choose a skincare product that fits your skin type and leave the skin around the eyes. A gel-cream absorbs quickly and is suitable for oily, impure skin. A lotion is ideal for normal skin, and cream is somewhat greasier and fuller that is suitable for dry skin.

4. The skin around the eyes

The care of the skin around the eyes is just as important! The skin is thin around the eyes and cannot tolerate all creams. Choose a mild eye cream that provides care, protection, and hydration to the skin around the eyes. It provides care to the skin and ensures that the skin around the eyes remains elastic and does not dry out, which means that fine lines and wrinkles will develop less quickly.

5. Take a face mask

A face mask is a product that men do not usually like to try. Yet it is sometimes highly recommended. A face mask cleans, relaxes, and provides nourishment to the skin. It is also a luxury moment for you to relax. Yes men, you also deserve a moment to relax! Put on a face mask, grab a beer, and watch your favorite television program. We bet you enjoy it!

6. Update eyebrows

The eyebrows also deserve attention for a well-groomed appearance. You can perfectly remove the hairs between your eyebrows by epilating. Do not take away too much and do not go to work with a razor blade or device, because then stubble will reappear. Is it hard to do yourself? Ask your girlfriend or wife for help.

7. Healthy nails

No, you men don’t have to paint your nails with a tan. But it is important to take good care of the nails and toenails. Massage a little almond oil on your nails once in a while for healthy growth and to prevent dry nails and splitting. Prevent long nails from tearing or breaking off in painful areas by trimming them in time. A standard manicure set is more than sufficient for this.

8. Regular shaving

Most men cannot escape it. Do you have a nice fuller beard, a mustache, or a goatee? Shaving is part of it! Get a nice sharp razor, but watch out! Start with a hot shower to make your skin softer and smoother so that the razor can easily do its job. Use a shaving gel or shaving cream and massage it well to prevent as many irritations as possible afterward. If you don’t want to shave and like to grow a fuller beard, then you need to take enough care of it through a good beard grooming products. Regularly trim your beard to eliminate uneven growth.