Outdoor Canopy

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Canopies are no longer used just for serving as a source of shade or for their chic aesthetic appeal at a party but serve a multitude of uses. Be it for providing a picnic area at the beach or to be used as a proper spot for hosting parties and ceremonies, travelers and common people are increasingly using canopies alike. While such awnings are a great option for varied purposes, they are available in a number of options to cater to specific needs of the people.

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Categories of Canopies to Choose From:

The types of outdoor canopies that one can choose from include the following:

  1. Garden Canopy

This is a common canopy used by homeowners and families to sit and relax in their lawn or patio area in the afternoon. Such a canopy has screened sides that act as a barrier against insects and mosquitoes. Thus, it is a great option for sitting or hosting a small get-together outdoors.

  1. Shade Canopies

As the name suggests, shade canopies are a great source for providing shade in any outdoor setting of a beach, backyard, or a sporting event. Shade canopies are highly convenient and portable enough to be used as a stall in a farmer’s market or a craft show or so.

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  1. Event Tents

For a relatively large-scale event such as a reception party or a reunion, event tents are a great option. One can even include flooring under the tent for formal events. Such a canopy not only provides shade or a spacious enclosed area in an outdoor setting but also helps protect against rain and sun or extreme weather condition.

  1. Portable Garage Canopy

Other than canopies that provide shade for hosting an outdoor event, there is a garage canopy, as well. The main purpose of using it is for protecting a vehicle from the harmful rays of the sun. Thus, if you park your vehicle outdoors, you can prevent its paint from fading or losing its luster upon exposure to the hot sun.

Outdoor Canopy

Things to Look for While Buying a Canopy:

After selecting upon the type of canopy and the purpose it would serve, there are various other facets, which one should consider. These factors include the following:

  • Size- You would need to consider the size of the canopy required according to your purpose. Thus, the space needed for a wedding would be different than for a barbeque lunch and a table-served dinner would have different spacious need than a buffet.
  • Portability- You would also need to consider whether you would need to move the canopy during the event or not. You can choose amongst canopies with a wheel or with a handle for lifting, and many other portability options.
  • Durability- Depending on the type and frequency of use, you can buy a canopy that is resistant to extreme weather conditions. Thus, while a homeowner can choose a canopy resistant to the wind and rain, a person with craft show business should look for fire resistance feature, as well.
  • Frame Material- Choosing the frame material also matters, as it determines the overall weight of the canopy, while aluminum frame is lightweight and portable. Treated steel is another good option.

It is important to contact a reputable brand or company for buying an outdoor canopy to ensure optimal quality.  Also buy bug control in st. clair shores to protect your canopy. The professionals of such a company would also be able to guide you through the process of selecting a suitable canopy for your specific purpose. This is convenient as a professional assistance and expertise is necessary while investing in an outdoor canopy that is required to perform several functions.