Types of Air Conditioners To Add To Your Home Decor

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Have you purchased a new apartment? Or have you recently become a father/mother? Then if it is the red hot summer, it is mandatory to buy an air conditioner for your newborn. In this article, let us discuss the eight types of air conditioners. Buying Guide for Air Conditioners Before buying an air conditioner, you need to consider a few options. Please read this article on types of air conditioners before picking the right model. Yes, you may have heard about various types of air conditioners. For example, portable air conditioner, window air conditioners and more. You will learn in detail in the content specified below. 1. Window Air Conditioners One of the most preferred types of air conditioner models in India. If you go to a city street which has only one BHK apartments, it is easy to see many window air conditioners installed in the windows. This model consists of an exhaust system where hot air is pushed on the backs and sides. The cool air coming out of the refrigerator is, however, pointed indoors. These models can cool only one room. So, if you have a large home with seven to eight bedrooms, you will have to install the model in every room. The greatest advantage of window air conditioners is you can move the model to other rooms or places. If the winter has come, you can uninstall the model. There is also a disadvantage. You will lose the benefits of using the window. And yes, you will also have to compromise the use of fresh air and sunlight. Individual house owners rarely buy window air conditioners, as they can get stolen by burglars. If you are a person who is very focused on style, then have a second thought. Do you like every home appliance or want any type of air conditioner to add to your home decor? The sight of a window air conditioner, will it look good? Consider these questions and then go for this model. 2. Central Air Conditioning Do you have a large home? Then you can buy this model of central air conditioners. It is the most effective form of air conditioners. It is one type of air conditioner to add to your home decor. Components The compressor, (the main part of the air conditioner) is located outside the house. In this type, it is the coils filled with refrigerant that gets used for cooling the air. The cool air then gets distributed to the entire home via the ductwork. It is the ducts which help to remove the warm air from your home. But please note, that the installation of this central air conditioner and ducts requires the presence of a qualified professional. 3. Portable Air Conditioners You can add portable air conditioners in the self-contained system of appliances. This model has all the necessary components in only one appliance. Usually, this type of air conditioner is used when you cannot install any type of air conditioner. Or the space is too small for another type of AC models. The condenser coil located inside the unit cools the air. The hot air gets removed via an exhaust hose.
  • The only disadvantage is that this unit is noisier than the other units. The reason for the noise is the evaporator fan.
  • If you have a room larger than 500 square feet, this portable air conditioner model will prove ineffective.
  • The portable air conditioner models are light in weight and they have wheels to move across the room. You can buy a suitable model that can add to your home decor.
4. Through-the-wall Air Conditioners This type of AC model, you can count among the self-contained list of air conditioner appliances. Like window AC models, they send the cool air back to the room. Do you have a room where windows are located above hand reach? Then, window air conditioners are the best option. But after installation, it will be a challenge to remove the appliance. The situations need the assistance of an AC repair professional. You need to cut the wall and then install the sleeves. This model does not make you lose the usages of the window. In fact, this is one type of air conditioner that does not add to your home decor, but also does not spoil the ambiance of the room. 5. Ductless Split System Air Conditioners They are also called as Split System. With this type, they can provide cooling to various parts of a home. Usually, they are known as two-part systems. In this model, you can see the condenser unit located at the outside. You also have the evaporative units installed on the walls. The parts remain connected via the ducts and they carry the refrigerant and power lines.
  • The greatest advantage of this model is, you can set different temperatures for various thermostats in this model. This air conditioner is more expensive than the central AC model.
  • Buy the right brand of ductless split system air conditioner to add to your home decor.
6. Package Terminal Air Conditioners Have you gone to a popular restaurant? Then you would have seen this model. Called as the PTAC or Package Terminal Air Conditioner model. Have you wondered many times at different occasions in life, about the AC models installed below the window, but above the floor? The model sends cool air out of the building by the exhaust hose. The coolant is sent through a compressor. In turn, the cool air gets redirected back to the room. This model is opposite to central air conditioners. They are ductless, and the installation comes out to be less expensive than the other AC systems. You can also use this appliance like a heating system. Like Window AC models, PTAC can get used to cool or heat a single room. If you have added a room to your home, then the existing AC will find it difficult to cook the extra space. It is, on these occasions, that this model can come in handy. You can install this one model in the extra room. 7. Evaporative or “Swamp” Coolers Are you surprised hearing the name? You cannot consider the “Swamp Cooler” as an AC model. The reason, it does not make use of the refrigerant (freon) to cool air. The model makes use of only water and air. The technology used can be traced back to ancient Egypt. When you make the air pass above water, the air gets cooled. With the help of moistened pads, the device pulls hot air to your home and cools it, and then distributes it to the entire home. This model uses less energy than the other AC models. And the model does not use freon nor Co2. 8. Geothermal Heating/Cooling This is new technology becoming popular around the world. This is related to the Mother Earth. You very well know, the ground beneath your feet has a standard temperature. The technology is of a piping system and it is known as loop. Another name used is the earth loop. This is the main component which circulates water between the earth, heat pump and your home. There are two types of installation. One is vertical and the other is horizontal. It depends on the topography of your home. During the winter, you need to have hot air in the home. So, normal water is run via this loop to absorb heat from the ground. The heat gets compressed. The temperature goes for a hike. And then it gets delivered to your home. You can guess the process during the summer. It is just the opposite. The heat that is generated in your home, because of the hot weather, is sent to the ground. You get pure and cool air. Why is this system preferred than other AC models? The reason, there are no chemicals used to create heat. The only resource used is electrical power. What are the factors you need to consider before purchasing a new air conditioner? A. Cost It depends on the AC model and the brand. Yes, even the size of your home and number of rooms also needs to be considered. Then, you need to consider the budget allocated by your family members. B. Electrical Energy
  • You also need to take into consideration the electrical energy used for cooling the homes. In case of any doubts, get in touch with a professional and he/she can help find the exact model. Consider these factors and then select the best –
  • How many rooms does your home have? And, also check the number of people living in one room.
  • The electronic appliances in your home also emit heat. So, kindly check the emission of these appliances, and then decide the right model.
  • Does the room, you want to have an air conditioner get sun rays? Then you need to calculate to accommodate the right model. Permit us to explain this situation by an example.
C. Types of Plugs Kindly check the plugs required for giving power to the appliance. Some standard wall sockets will have compatibility problems with appliance switches. Have you bought a special type of air conditioner? Then you need to have a qualified electrician do the special electrical outlet for your home. Suppose, you have purchased a new expensive AC model for your Hyderabad home. When you try to fix the socket in the electrical outlet, it is very loose. You are not very comfortable with changing the sockets and wires by the DIY method. The situation requires a qualified electrician. The best way to hire? You already have an app in your mobile, of the best company providing home services in Hyderabad. You can take your own time to go through the profiles of every professional skilled in electrical services in Hyderabad. Then, with the help of your family members, you can reschedule the time for service. By this way, you can solve the electrical socket problem in quick time. Conclusion Have you read the article and content mentioned above on types of air conditioners? Please note, buying an expensive AC is not enough. You need to provide maintenance service to the device as required. Has the appliance passed the time of warranty? The best step is to hire the technician with help from home appliance companies who provide doorstep services. For example, you are in Hyderabad, and your home AC needs maintenance service. The next best step? You can follow the same example given above. Download the app of the best home appliance repair company. Book the qualified professional skilled in AC installation in Hyderabad and also repairs concerning this appliance. He will come to your scheduled place as per the time. You can fix the problem with ease via this method. Interested in getting more information regarding home appliance? Then do you know the best way? Visit our website for regular updates or enable the option to have our newsletter sent to your Inbox.