track pants for women

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The “athleisure trend” is a fashion buzz term that is in-trend nowadays. We should always wear clothes in which we are comfortable and thanks to our own Kareena, Malika, Sara they flaunt their athleisure look frequently and so this look is in. 

Those who travel regularly know that when you sit on a plane for long hours, comfortable clothes are the most important thing. Swap jeans for track pants a lot and feel beyond comfortable with it. 

Read on for our ultimate guide to wearing track pants for women even when going for a night out, casual trip, any task or chore, at last to the gym is the last thing on your mind.

5 best style to flaunt you classy yet comfortable athleisure look:

  1. Track pants women

Track pants are so flexible and a comfortable piece of the athleisure pattern. You can wear them with a loose top with a bright sport jacket over top, crop top, realistic tee, sports bra for added style and comfort. Ideal for air terminal looks where you need to look classy and feel comfortable in the long plane.

  1. Hoodies women

When considering an athleisure look, larger than average hoodies are your goal. For a feminine and athleisure feel, pair your hoodie with yoga pants, shorts, or you’d be a great idea to go.

The blend of solace and style makes hoodies an absolute necessity have for an athleisure look.  

Nothing is more comfortable than a curiously large hoodie! Impeccable athleisure wear. 

  1. Yoga Pants women

Show off your attractive legs and let the squats talk when you wear yoga pants and a crop top for a trip. Gym wear tights or yoga jeans are one of the easiest approaches to style athleisure look. Pair them with a tied shirt and tennis shoes/flip slumps in summers, and for winters you can absolutely layer it up with a sweatshirt or even a calfskin coat.

  1. Sports Shorts Women

They are the essential athleisure wear. You can always Show off skin to get a break off the covered up athleisure look, you can wear them with an off-shoulder knitted top, denim coat, a tee, and an easygoing bag pack. Sports shorts are inclining and make such an adorable athleisure look.

  1. Cord Women Set 

Line set joggers or track pants women are impeccable to brandish as athleisure wear look. Pair them with sports shoes or heeled track shoes for an easygoing look or with ballet performers and hold to amp up the look.

There are many other events in and off the day when you can wear track pants women like Night Out, Casual, Some Chore, and Work.

Hope you guys like my ideas, if you have more ideas, then let me know in the comments section below.