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Fashion bloggers can be extremely influential, whether their blogs are written, photo-based or a combination. They are not fashion influencers per se, although the confusion between the two is natural. Fashion influencers are paid by companies and brands to wear and showcase their fashions, usually on social media. Many fashion influencers work their way up to being influencers. They start by showcasing fashions and looks they’ve selected themselves. They must learn how to pose, and you can learn how, too. Here are a few top tips to pose like a fashion influencer or blogger.

Get a Knowledgeable Photographer

First things first (at least if you’re aiming to become a fashion influencer or blogger): Your images must have a professional sheen. They must be high-quality and intentional. You don’t necessarily need a professional photographer, but nor do you want to grab your cousin who has no photography training. A good starting point can be a friend who takes pictures you like. As you work your way up, you may be able to enlist photography majors eager to add to their portfolios and, later on, actual photographers.

Take a Basic Acting Class

Fashion influencers must convey a lot of emotions and moods: joy, happiness, confidence, mystery, arrogance, sexiness, even sadness. Taking a basic acting class lets you practice these techniques in a safe, informative environment.

Use the Smile or Laugh Pose

Smiling or laughing can garner an incredible amount of attention. Don’t be afraid to show off your teeth! To start, think of or watch something that makes you laugh, and the photographer can take care of the rest. With more practice, you may be able to laugh on command.

Walk Toward the Camera (or Walk Off!)

For this technique, the photographer should walk parallel to you or in front of you. For instance, the photographer can snap your side with you directing a sly glance toward the camera.

Likewise, there can be a lot of mileage in a shot of you walking off. Take confident and purposeful strides.

Show Off Your Legs

Sitting will do your body good for a change, and it’s an opportunity to show off your legs. Experiment with different sitting poses, including poses where you sit on a chair with your legs straight ahead and your ankles crossed.

Make Your Own Hat

Accessories such as hats can add a lot of detail, charm or personality to a picture. Want something unique? You can make your own hat. Get started in categories such as lifestyle hats, beanies or active sports hats. Study how your favorite influencers and supermodels pose with their hats. Some pull a hat down so it covers their eyes, and they pucker their lips into a kiss. Others pair hats with bikinis and wet, tousled hair. Alternatively, you can intrigue people if you pose on a scooter or with a surfboard, something sporty.

Take Advantage of Windy Days

Windy days may not be the best times to wear a hat, but they can make for gorgeous photos (especially if your hair is long!). Contemplate something in the distance as the wind breathes extra life into your tresses.

Posing like a fashion blogger or influencer can be fun, although it may take a lot of practice to nail the poses. If you do something like make your own hat, you’re also potentially introducing a new and special piece of fashion to the world.