window replacement cost

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Glass windows are no doubt beautiful addition to any house or commercial building. They not only allow sunlight to filter through your opaque curtains but also make your space airy, spacious and bright. Also during the winter season when it’s freezing cold outside, you want to keep heat in and cold, harsh chilly winds out. Only a proper glass window installation will give you this benefit.

A glass window which is not properly insulated will leak your air thus making your indoor temperature unbearable. Moreover, your beautiful windows can get shattered by natural calamities like a heavy storm or by a baseball bat, thus making your house unsafe, insecure and exposed to danger.

In order to make your house secure and look beautiful, below are 5 tips to replace your glass window under a budget.

Tip1: Choosing Right Window

The first tip to change your glass window is to choose the right window style. For an instant, if you have a picture window, then you can easily get it replaced by bow or bay window. It will not only allow more sunlight to enter in your room but also add extra flair, ambiance, and character to your house. Don’t go for the same window design. Get creative and install new, latest and modern windows for your home.

Tip2: Average Cost

Your window replacement cost will depend upon a number of factors like materials, style, design, and number of windows you want to replace. You can even consult the professionals for window glass estimates.  Keep an eye on average cost so that you have a vivid idea of the actual cost. In this way, you can plan your budget accordingly. Moreover, do a little bit of your own survey and check the prices of windows that you intend to install. Check about their features and reviews online. This will provide you with an idea about the average cost of your windows.

Tip3: Materials And Styles

In order to replace your windows under budget, it is imperative that you first familiarize yourself with materials and styles. Do extensive research on each type of window before purchasing them. For example, vinyl windows are cheap but doesn’t have structural integrity. Whereas wood and dual pane glass has excellent insulation and are more energy efficient.  So, decide wisely which type of windows you want based on their specific features.

Tip4: Notebook

Keep a notebook or digital pad to keep track of your window replacement project. This will help you to swiftly access all the quotations, estimates, calculations and service charges related to your budget in one single place. You can note down prices of all window types, quotations from every window replacement company in your locality, number of windows you want to change and other important details. In this way, you won’t go out of budget and in the future, if some of your friends needs window replacement, you can easily aid them.

Tip5: Emergency Budget

Keep in mind that unforeseen delays and expenses tend to occur during the window replacement project. So, it is imperative that you set aside at least 20 to 30 % of your quoted cost as your emergency budget. In case, you don’t need it after the project is completed, you can use it for other expense.

Final Word

Window replacement is no doubt a daunting task. Before embarking on it, it is essential that you take into account your budget and number of windows you want to get replaced. Also, instead of attempting to change it yourself by watching DIY videos, it is suggested that you hire professionals.  Before finalizing on any company, ask for referrals and recommendations. Ask professionals what type of windows will best suit your house and will increase its curb appeal.