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It is now a healthy trend to make the bathroom eco-friendly as well as comfortably functional in nature. Hence, every house owner needs to install green plumbing fixtures in the bathroom, which will make it totally energy efficient. This type of renovation of the bathroom has a great impact on the environment and helps in lowering the amount of the utility bills, thus saving money of the house owner. Any well-experienced plumber can guide the homemakers in taking the essential steps in this direction.

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Steps taken by a plumber for making the bathroom eco-friendly:

  1. It is better to install a dual flush toilet rather than the ordinary one; where there are two parallel flash options in the same toilet, one for clearing the solid waste and other for flushing out the liquid waste. This special flush system can clear around 1-2 gallons of waste products, combining both solids and liquids. Moreover, if the toilet leaks water or makes unwanted gurgling noise, it should be checked by a professional plumber, who can fix any plumbing problem, before there is any further damage to the sewage system.
  2. The leaking faucets are the reasons of huge wastage of clean usable water and the competent plumbers can easily replace these with modern low-flow faucets, which should be fully closed, when not in use, to avoid unnecessary dripping. Thus, the water bill can be decreased to a great amount, by stopping these leakages in the bathroom faucets.
  3. The usage of water from the faucets can be further reduced, with the installation of a faucet aerator into the faucet head, by simply screwing it. This aerator prevents the sudden splashing of the water when the faucet is opened, as water and air are combined together while coming out of the faucet.
  4. There may be any hidden leakage in the sewage pipes, which cannot be spotted easily by the house owners. But the expert plumbers can find out these leakages, using a water meter and repair them confidently, so that the water stops oozing out of the pipes.
  5. The shower head of the bathroom can be upgraded for a better model that is low-flow in nature, so that the water consumption can be reduced considerably than that flowed from the traditional shower heads. By the use of the modern technology, a certain amount of air is introduced into the shower system that can keep the water pressure intact, while less amount of water is released from the shower heads.
  6. Usually, the water is heated by a heater supplied with a water tank. But as a large amount of electricity is needed to heat up this water; now the latest model of water heater is designed to heat directly, as it passes through the pipe, before coming out of the faucet. Thus, with the help of the knowledgeable plumbers and installing this new type of water heater much less amount of electricity or any other form of energy is necessary.
  7. The underground drains may sometimes get blocked with hairs, grease or other solid waste products that may be disposed of by mistake, into the drainage system. But the plumbers can swiftly open up these blocked drains and clear all these lumps of solid wastes, resulting in a free flow of the wastewater and preventing water logging into the house.

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Thus, this aerator decreases the water and the energy bill of the house, by limiting the water flow from the faucets in the bathroom. By going green we are not only protecting the environment but also saving money.