New Years Eve party

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Christmas is just over and the year is coming to an end. Our blogger Julia from the blog “Jules Kleines Freudenhaus” has put together some nice tips for the best New Year’s Eve with children. So you make an entertaining New Year’s Eve.

Julia: Do you already have ideas on how you would like to spend New Year’s Eve with your loved ones, friends, children and skittles? Today I will show you what ideas we have used to celebrate the best New Year’s Eve with friends and many children in the past few years.

Room and table decorations for New Year

We received our guests at home and welcomed everyone with a personal name tag to the table. A pop candy with a nice saying for the new year is a great gift. This year everything will be decorated in the trend colors dark blue with silver and gold. RICO Design also offers a large selection of silver and gold decorative items such as garlands, confetti, star candles, piecemeal or air proboscis.

Tick ??Tack – soon we can welcome the new year

Lovingly laid table – this is how 2019 can come

Suitable paper plates, paper cups and party hats are always practical. So tidying up later (or on the next hangover New Year’s morning) is child’s play. Here is a selection of our decoration from the tausendkind shop:

Cool decoration by RICO Design

Party outfit

Maybe you fancy a themed party? Then you will definitely find beautiful costumes. We just celebrated “casual chic”. In any case, my boys are drawn to the rock-solid shirts from zoolaboo, which glow in the dark. A real eye-catcher for the party and even in the sale.

The best: countdown balloons and countdown bags for an atmospheric New Year’s Eve

Waiting until midnight can be quite a test of patience, especially for the little ones. Reduces the waiting time for the children with lots of great activities. With us, the countdown balloons and bags have totally prevailed.

In the afternoon, I filled seven balloons with confetti, a small task list and filled helium. A time is entered on each balloon. Since we started at 6:00 p.m. and ate at the same time, I filled a balloon with a task for every hour (6pm / 7pm / 8pm / 9pm / 10pm / 11pm and 11.30pm). If afterwards the evening is especially long for the little ones, you can also prepare a balloon every half an hour.

Countdown balloons shorten the waiting time

Each child can then burst a balloon at the appropriate time and read the task on the slip of paper. In line with the task, I prepared the countdown bags in which all the materials for the task are located. Waiting with a look at the clock, bursting, reading aloud and unpacking bags was always great fun for young and old. Because with us (almost) all party guests took part. I am happy to share my ideas with you, what was in the seven bags.

Cool countdown bags for kids

6:00 p.m .: the first countdown bag opens

What shouldn’t be missing at a New Year’s Eve party? Exactly cool party hats and blowouts. Everyone can take their party hat from their place at the table or out of the bag and personalize it to their heart’s content with stickers, pens or these glitter pens.

Spice up party hats with glitter pens

7:00 p.m .: Party Make-Up

With our relatively young kids, face painting and dressing up are still a big hit. The second bag therefore hides make-up pencils (particularly good and later it just goes with wet Stabilo Woodys) and these cool watch tattoos

8:00 p.m .: Fireworks at the kitchen cupboard

We are preparing long-lasting fireworks with little fireworks art. We put finger paints, cardboards and toilet paper rolls in the countdown bag. Simply cut and fold the toilet rolls below several times. Then dip them into the paint like a brush and stamp small rockets on the cardboard. The picture was actually hung on our kitchen cupboard for a year and is simply timeless.

Simply stamp fireworks on the cardboard

9:00 p.m .: Oldie but Goldie

Still a hit in kindergarten is “daring dance”. We open the dance floor with Handel’s fireworks music and then play stop dancing to the popular hits of the kids. The perfect match: “Fireworks” by Wincent Weiss and “Fire” by Materia. Following is a classic like eggs run class, which you e.g. in this party box. There are many classic games in here, with which you could fill an evening or children’s birthday party alone. Really good.

The party box helps a lot against boredom

10:00 p.m .: Dress rehearsal for the fireworks

Before the first children may go to bed and sleep through midnight, we have always done some small fireworks indoors. It worked wonderfully with sparklers, small table fireworks and confetti cannons. You can easily make confetti cannons yourself. Simply take a paper cup without a bottom or a toilet roll, cut off the top end of a balloon and pull the hole over the opening. Then knot the balloon at the bottom as normal and pour confetti into the paper cup. By pulling the knot, the confetti flies through the air.

Confetti cannon & Table fireworks at home
Custom confetti cannon

11pm: Blind cow

Another such classic game is the Blind Cow, in which young and old can score points by blindfolded objects.

Other ideas from the past few years that had also proven themselves for the countdown bags:

  • Party board games such as pie face, pop-up pirate, looping louie or similar.
  • There are many free templates for New Years Eve bingo on the Internet
  • A review of the year with photos and a few memories from the year collected in a book or glass
  • New Year coloring pages
  • Monday painter
  • Lead-pouring
  • Treasure hunt
  • Hit the pot
  • Cinema session with popcorn, tickets and more for “Dinner for One”
  • A round of “who am I”

We hope to have given you some good tips for the best New Year’s Eve with children and hope you enjoy using the products from our thousand-child shop. Have a good New Year!