Key to CFP Exam Success

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The CFP exams can be very challenging therefore many students wonder what it takes to clear the exams in first attempt. Ofcos it isn’t easy to clear the exams and it shouldn’t be otherwise the how else can it be something that is desirable by many and achieved by only few.

Today we will talk about how to crack the CFP exam at the first go. The biggest and probably the only tip is to use an approved education partner. The reason for that is that the CFP material is not always available online. And if they are, they may not be the most recent. The biggest challenge would be the tax modules where the changes are done on regular basis. Therefore very important that the education partner is used in the CFP journey.

Players like Financial Planning Academy provide the classroom and online trainings all over India therefore if anyone wants to prepare they can always reach out to the Financial Planning Academy to ensure you get the expert help to crack the exams. This expert help is through getting the best faculties to teach you about the content and the content in itself is extremely important. Most of the issues arises when student aren’t aware of what is covered in the exams.

For e.g. with the change in the exam pattern and syllabus it is not easy to find the most appropriate content. Unfortunately there aren’t many you tube channels as well that can help you prepare the exams therefore choosing the right education partner is extremely important.

Also doing the past papers or mock papers and then timing it to ensure you’re able to complete the paper is important. Always while doing the practice, time yourself so that on the exam day you are able to complete the whole paper. Remember the key is to complete the paper to ensure you clear this highly competitive exam. 

The exam syllabus is split into 17% general financial planning principles, 17% investment planning, 17% retirement savings and income planning, 12% risk management and insurance planning, 12% tax planning, 12% estate planning, 17% professional conduct and regulation and 6% education planning. Therefore there lots to cover in the exams and students needs to ensure that they are well versed with all the syllabus topics.

Don’t forget the exam prepares you to Establishing and defining client-planner relationships, Collecting information necessary to fulfil the arrangement, Analyzing and evaluating the client’s current financial standing, developing the endorsement, communicating the endorsement, Applying the recommendation, Checking the commendation and Working within professional and regulatory standards. Therefore if you are going to be doing all of this it is important that you prepare yourself for an exam of this level.

Just like any exams the students and professionals needs to have the commitment that the professional exam like that Certified Financial Planner does. Do as much practice as possible, you may find hard to get time to practice but build a timetable and then follow it diligently. It isn’t easy to crack the exams however with the right efforts and attitude everything is possible.

We wish you all the very best!  If you follow all the above no one can stop you from getting successful at the CFP exam and become a certified financial planner!