Zee5 TV Show

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In recent times, online streaming platforms have drastically changed the in-home viewing experience. While people were forced to wait to watch a show when it aired on TV before, bingeing your favourite tv show has become incredibly convenient with the lack of time constraints. Also, apart from local content, there has been an inflow of popular content from across the globe on the streaming platforms. Thanks to which, our watch-list has been expanding with great content. One such platform that is known to appeal the evolved tastes of the global audience is ZEE5. They have many interesting international TV shows that you should check out. To begin with, you could go through this list of best international TV shows on ZEE5 and begin your binge.

1. COMMUNITY (2009)


Community is an American comedy series that was created by Dan Harmond, co-creator of Rick and Morty. The series follows a lawyer with a revoked law degree who is forced to join Greendale Community College. In the college, he meets a diverse set of people who eventually join him to a form a group study group where hilarity ensues.


  1. Joel McHale as Jeff Winger

  2. Gillian Jacobs as Britta Perry

  3. Danny Pudi as Abed Nadir



One of the most popular Korean TV series, Descendents of the Sun follows the story of captain Yoo Si-jin (Special Forces team) and his good friend Master Sergeant Seo Dae-young. Both the characters find love in Dr Kang Mo-yeon and First Lieutenant Yoon Myung-ju respectively. Both their relationships are put to test when Si-jin and Dae-young receive their orders to be deployed on a peacekeeping mission in the fictional country of Uruk.


  1. Song Joong-ki As Captain Yoo Si-jin

  2. Song Hye Kyo As Doctor Kang Mo-Yeon

  3. Jin Goo As Sergeant Major Seo Dae-young

  4. Kim Ji-won As First Lieutenant Yoon Myung-ju

3. EYE CANDY (2015)


Eye candy is an American thriller series based on R.L Stine’s novel of the same name. The show follows the life of Lindy (Victoria Justice) who is a 21-year-old hacker with a talent of seeing connections in the digital world that others can’t. This skill helps Lindy team up with a cyber unit who are trying to capture a serial killer in Manhattan, New York. At the same time, Lindy has a personal mission going on as she searches for her lost sister Sara.


  1. Victoria Justice As Lindy Sampson

  2. Casey Deidrick As Detective Tommy Calligan



Kuzey Guney is a Turkish television series created by Ece Yörenç and Melek Gençoğlu. The series explores the stories of two brothers – Kuzey and Guney. The show begins with Kuzey returning from prison for a crime that Guney committed. What happens when Kuzey falls for Guney’s lover Cemre forms the crux of the series.


Kıvanc Tatlıtug As Kuzey Tekinoglu

Bugra Gulsoy As Guney Tekinoglu

Oyku Karayel As Cemre Cayak

Bade İscil As Banu Sinaner

So, these were some of the best international shows which I loved watching on ZEE5 and I would highly recommend you do so too.