Anarkali Salwar Suit

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We women are lucky, for we have such a vast variety of outfits to choose from for every occasion and for every season! In fact, there is something to suit every kind of silhouette. Some garments are quite ordinary, with the focus on comfort and casual outings. Others are designed to enthral at semi-formal, formal and grand events, with emphasis on prints, patterns, colours and embellishments/decorations/add-ons. Well, one of the most enchanting of dresses that has stood the test of time is the Anarkali dress.

The Amazing Anarkali

Anarkali dress

It has been in trend for quite some time, as more novel and bolder designs come into play with the changing mindset of the contemporary woman. For instance, the style may be simple and comfortable, for wearing on your solitary morning walk, engaging in a shopping trip, etc. Then again, it may convey a breezy and carefree look to your personality, while you have fun at an informal party held indoors or outdoors.

The addition of intricate embroideries, elaborate work (sequins, stones, mirror, beads, thread, appliqué, zari, zardosi, Resham, etc), motifs, lace, etc, comes into play, when you need something awesomely chic for a special occasion. It could be an engagement ceremony, a wedding, an anniversary celebration, a grand office party, etc. You are welcome to have the outfit customised to complement your body frame, wherein it highlights all your assets and hides all your flaws. Thus, the Anarkali salwar kameez looks good in any season, whether it is summer, winter or rainy.

Designer Clothing

The best part of having a computer, laptop or Smartphone at home is to be able to shop for salwar kameez online. If you are wondering why we have brought the traditional attire of Punjab into the picture, well, the Anarkali outfit is a derivative of the same. In fact, it is known as Anarkali salwar kameez.

salwar kameez

To go back to your online shopping trip, it is possible to browse catalogue after catalogue, with the accompanying images, to find the best suits for you. In actuality, you may even find your head spinning, as you observe the vast array of designer clothing on display! True, the Anarkali dress is ethnic in nature, but it is possible to retain its traditional look, as well as give it a Western flair. It is also possible to make it a mix of East and West, or traditional and contemporary. It all depends upon how gloriously sexy and alluring or stunningly chic you desire to look!

The Overall Show

In essence, the term ‘Anarkali’ refers to a red-coloured garment with a flare. Anar is pomegranate with its beautiful hues of red, and kali refers to the flare of the dress. Therefore, a red-coloured outfit with a bodice that reaches up to the waist and then flares out until the knees, below it, or right up to the ankles, is an Anarkali salwar kameez. Of course, this does not mean that you may not opt for other colours, such as pastel shades, vibrant mixes-and-matches, nudes and neutrals, etc.

Anarkali salwar kameez

With regard to styles, your bodice may shimmer and shine with embellishments, such as comet globules, sequins, etc. Alternatively, it could have enchanting embroidery all over it. Just ensure that the details remain minimal in nature, such that you do not look garish or gaudy. Instead, you must achieve that aristocratic look! If you have the confidence to carry it off, opt for a halter neck, or even spaghetti straps. You are bound to look wonderfully glamorous! It is up to you to decide how you want your neckline and sleeves to appear, bearing in mind that your upper torso must look gracefully feminine, without revealing the flaws.

As for fabrics, flowy materials, such as net, georgette, chiffon, crepe, silk, etc, are perfect choices. Lace attachments, other types of trimmings, the layered look, sheer accents, etc, are all part of the show! Make sure to choose your makeup, clothing accessories and footwear with care. For instance, your face should look natural and not caked with all kinds of material! Then again, you may adorn your feet with high heels, sandals or ethnic footwear. As for jewellery, go for less, since the Anarkali dress is already richly decorated.