Social media Aggregation

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You may all agree with this that social media has become a necessity of our lives. Traditionally the basic needs of human was food clothing and shelter but now the list is extended to education, healthcare and obviously INTERNET. 

Our lives are incomplete without the internet and social media. Especially in these tough times when we are all following social distancing. All we can do is we can connect to each other online. Also, businesses can only engage with their audiences digitally. 

In this blog lets discuss what is social media aggregation and how social media aggregation helps the marketers to improve their digital marketing strategies?

You can combine all your social media content writing services from different platforms into one beautiful feed. This process is known as social media aggregation. Sounds cool right? You can use different social media aggregation tools that gather all your social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more, all into one place. 

A Social media aggregator allow you to collect content like images, videos, hashtags, and mentions from your social media platforms and help you in creating an attractive feed.

Now you can embed this feed on your website or else display it wherever you want like on large TV screens, public displays, etc.

Don’t you feel that managing so many different social media platforms, stau connected with your users, promoting your products and services, and many other things, at times all this becomes difficult to manage? Its very time consuming to manage everything and keep going. In this case social media aggregation has turned out to be a blessing for all the social media marketers, with aggregation it has now become easy to stay updated with posts from all your social media platforms and collect them all in one place. Even the marketers don’t have to put in extra effort and time for the creation of new content each and every time.

Suppose you have an event, for instance, a product launch and you want to display all your social media videos, posts, blogs, etc on the big screens. This is possible because of social media aggregation. You can purchase any of the aggregation tools like Taggbox and aggregate your posts. With the help of aggregators, you can also get features like personalization, moderation, and analytics. Not only this with aggregation tools you can also have live polling, Q&A session, or maybe a selfie competition during the event. All this not only makes your event look amazing but also increases user engagement.

Let’s list out some of the benefits of social media aggregation in your digital marketing:

SEO perks 

As we all know that search engines prioritize fresh content, so by using social media aggregation techniques we can continuously generate fresh user-generated content and improve on our website’s search engine rankings. Not only this with UGC you can help your website naturally on long-tail keywords. Social media aggregation can shape Shapes basic attributes of SEO like keywords, backlinks, internal links. Hence, with all this you can successfully increase your visibility on search engines. 

Boost Awareness 

With social media aggregation you can share real-time content from your social media platforms to your websites, and when new visitors see the reviews and posts of your existing customers it gives your brand more exposure. The voice and opinions of existing customers leave a long-lasting impression on the visitors on your site. 

Look and Feel 

With social media aggregation tool you can always create an attractive and dynamic social media presence. You can add beautiful themes, backgrounds, banners to your feed. All this helps in making your website look attractive and people tend to spend more time on your website. Therefore, the bounce rate decreases.

Social Proof –

Whenever people are posting positive reviews or sharing their experiences with your brand on social media they are creating social proof for your brand. Social proof is effective as it provides authority to your real customers to share their stories. We know that people are nowadays looking for relevant, unique, and trustworthy content that’s what social media aggregation does for you and you don’t even have to invest time and money for content creation. 

Increases sales and conversions

 Ultimately, the sales and conversation is all that matters. With word of mouth marketing that is user-generated marketing you have build trust among your customers, your brand reach is increased, people are reading all positive reviews from your customers. All this results in increase in sales and conversions of your brand.


As we have seen there are many benefits of social media aggregation like user engagement, building trust amongst users, increasing sales and conversion, and many more. So, try using social media aggregation as your digital marketing strategy and enjoy the perks yourself. You can look for different social media marketing tools online try with the free trial version and the beginning and then go for whichever plan is suitable for you.