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Parenting is the moral responsibility of the parents to grow the children in a safe and secure environment. But when it comes to having single parenting being a single mother or father, it really becomes a challenge for the one who has children or child but has to do the parenting responsibility without the better half. The reason behind is the job is to earn bread and butter for kids by doing the multiple jobs. Over the years, the technology has introduced a new term that is digital parenting a new milestone in parenting and a new headache for single mommies or daddies.


Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.

Now parents have to keep an eye on kids and teens android cell phones in order to protect them from all nightmares exist in the digital world. Young children use social media apps such as Facebook, Tinder, Line, Vine, Viber, Yahoo, and plenty of others. They do call, text messages, shred media files such as photos and videos. All these activities seem quite normal, but it can lead young generation towards the stalker, cyber bullies, sexual predators, health issues and last but not the least they may encountered with inappropriate content.

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Install Android Monitoring software

You can install the android spy app on your kids and teens phones. All you need to do is to subscribe to it and get all the credentials through an email of Gmail. Then you have to install the cell phone surveillance software on the target android gadget. Once you have successfully installed the mobile phone tracking app for androids. Then activate it on the target phone of android and you will have the option, either you want to monitor the android phone secretly or not. Make your option and complete the process and then get access to the Android spyware online control panel with the help of given passcode and ID. Now visit the features and do the magic with your own spy Agent.

Perform better single parenting with – android spy

Single mammies don’t need to worry they are not alone in the presence of android spying software. It enables a user to record and listen to the calls live on the target cell phone of androids owned by the teens and minors. They just need to use the hidden call recorder of the spyware for android. A user can listen to the calls and save the recorded stuff into the online control panel.

android spy

Moreover, you can also track the IM’s on the target android cell phone by using the IM’s social media of the best cell phone spyware for android. It will provide the parents’ view of IM’s logs, chat conversations, shared media files and voice calls along with the complete time schedule.

Further, single moms can do the effective piece of parenting in the digital world on Android phones with the help of text messages spy. It allows the user to view imessages, BMM chat messages, SMS, MMS and heads up tickers notifications.

Parents can dig out all the rabbit holes of kids and teens I mean their hidden whereabouts with the help of android MIC bugging. It allows the user to record and listen to the surround sounds and conversations. A user can further view the surround visuals with spyvidcam bug by hacking the back and front camera of the phone.

Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.

However, single parents can capture images of the surrounds with the help of camera bugging of android monitoring app. Phone monitoring spyware would be the ultimate and reliable option for you to track the GPS location of the target cell phone of android. It empowers the users to track current location, location history, pinpoint a location and mark safe and restricted areas.

Single moms and daddies can spy android phones in such a way that they can remotely control the phones of android. They can remotely view installed apps, block the incoming calls of the unknown persons on the android phones and even block the text messages and internet access on the Android smartphone of your kids and teens. There is no need to stay all the time on your kids and teens being single parents, android cell phone monitoring software is always, therefore, you to do your responsibility to the fullest.

Your mobile device has quickly become the easiest portal into your digital self.”

By – Phil Nickinson