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Why This 23-Year-Old Girl Boss Could Represent A Nation

Two Questions. What qualities do you look for in a leader? What qualities do you think most
women display? Qualities that people typically look for in a leader are strength, resilience,
intelligence, wisdom, courage and heart. Qualities that most women display are ingenuity,
passion, determination, and ambition. What if we told you that there’s a young woman who’s got
all of these qualities and more? What would you say? How about that she seems incredible and
that she seems like she’s someone that most people could connect with. Well, the truth is that
she’s the real deal. She’s the 23-year-old Girl Boss that could represent a nation, the “Every
Lady,” she’s Calynn M. Lawrence.

Calynn M. Lawrence

Calynn is a seven-time award-winning publicist and editor who owns and operates multiple
businesses. She is the Founder of The Fresh Faces Project that she started at 18 years old
which is a not-for-profit movement that has given both free and discounted marketing and PR
services to over 200 small businesses and artists. Stemming from this, she is the Creator and
Executive Producer of the growingly popular online reality series, “Chicago Talent.” She was
previously a cable television host for two years, having interviewed tens of established
entrepreneurs for the station. Working as a media personality for several years, Calynn has
been able to attend a multitude of red carpet events all over the country and even internationally
such as New York Fashion Week, LA Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and Chicago Fashion
Week. She also covers cool things such as music concerts and charity events! She blogs these
adventures here:

Calynn M. Lawrence

After all of this, Calynn was recently crowned as Ms. Northern US 2019 in the American
Elegance pageant system! And, she’s been kickin’ butt with it too! Her platform of service is to
advocate for more creative arts education and career training opportunities for America’s youth.
In her few weeks of reign, she has been able to donate almost 30 bags of art supplies and
books to various local charities in her community. She has also volunteered her time to various
education based organizations and companies.

Some who she has worked with include: Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland &
Northwest Indiana, The Bridge Teen Center, Simply Destinee Youth Center, Ashburn
Community Elementary, Secure My Future and Bach To Rock where she works as an Assistant

She plans to greatly increase this list and make as great of an impact on her community as
possible! She is open to collaboration with any companies that fit her mission and can help
further her cause. So, if you have a local charity that fits her platform, she encourages you to
reach out to her and she would love to discuss the possibilities!

Calynn M. Lawrence

In a couple of weeks, she will be competing at nationals for title of Ms. American Elegance
2020. While it’ll be a challenging feat, we are sure that she will be a great candidate! After all,
she’s long displayed the discipline and the follow-through that is necessary to lead a nation.
Even before her delve into the pageant world, she was making a difference in the world.
Having been called “one of the greatest minds in creative PR” by A Valid Review, “a Wonder
Woman of her time” by Icons In The Now, “the cosmic fusion of Billionaire Diaries and Princess
Diaries who’s destined to change the world” by The Billionaire’s Diary, “The Queen Midas of
Creative Community Service” by Humour & Style etc, she has quite the track record. Besides
her secular and academic success, she’s lived a lot of life for a woman her age having endured
many trials and tribulations that women around the world can relate to in her love life, her
personal life, her career and her health. Things like struggling with incurable illness, dealing with
severe heartbreak, abuse, body image issues as a plus sized woman, societal oppression as
not only a woman but a woman of color, and fighting for your relationships with your loved ones
are things she can personally speak to. What better woman to be given a platform than
someone who can not only make a change and reach the masses, but can touch hearts and

Calynn M. Lawrence
For these reasons and more, Calynn is a great example of “The Every Lady.” She’s truly got
what it takes to make a difference in the lives of many.

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