Winter Excursions in Morocco

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Morocco is a wonder on earth having all the funs of a holiday destination together. It has a heavenly beach over you can feel the softness of the rolling sands, can explore the colors and the natural beauties exists on the place. My cousin was telling the tale of her romantic Winter Excursions in Morocco last year. I intended to go to the same places she visited so I further explored it on the internet. This article is for those who literally want to visit the Holiday destination which will give you good romantic opportunities there.

Romantic Opportunities in Morocco

When you are in Morocco for a package of Romantic Christmas spendings over there, you are at the very right place. My cousin told me about plenty of romantic activities they really enjoyed.

Lovely Marrakech Embrace your love:

The couple left home with the thoughts to have a wonderful honeymoon and the Christmas vacations in Morocco. They reached at the international airport in Marrakech. According to her, “it was like heaven when we landed on the wonderful land of Marrakech. They got the warm air in winters and it was so normal.

When they reached their Riad, because it was a honeymoon plus Christmas package, the people there managed to decorate their room a little. It was so beautiful gesture from the managers of the local hotel, called Riad. The place itself was so great to live She told. Then they left on the Side-car they managed there from some friend and roamed around the city and visited limited places on google map. There is a perfect opportunity to have the traditional foods in the restaurants there I read on internet.

There was a birthday surprise party by the couchsurfer friends there for my cousin in the night. They got together and had a perfect meal. She mentioned that they had a very traditional Moroccan dish the Lamb Tagine, Harira soup and the Pastila on the dinner table. The local friends hosted the party and they arranged a birthday cake for me to cut when the clock ticks 12.

Next-Day Christmas Shopping in Marrakech:

We had little range of things with us for Christmas She said. They bought the decorations and some traditional Jewelry from the Bazars of Marrakech. She said, there were the streets and the main centers decorated for Christmas, of course the travelers visit Morocco from all over the world to celebrate their very special event Christmas and they enjoy there.

Christmas Day in Marrakech

They visited a bazar named Djema el Fna, which is very famous and the old traditional, themed bazar. If a traveler has to take the true introduction of the culture Morocco owes, he/ she should visit Djema el Fna she said. My personal choice, if I will visit Morocco this Christmas, I would roam in the old streets of Medina and the oldest place, the square, the center of the city now called Djema el Fna, it has great charms and delights in it. You can find everything there. From the leather products to the jewelry, embroidery or traditional street food. The snake Charmers and the fire eaters will tell you the other remaining picture of the show. This place was once a place used for the execution I read in the history books.

The eve was Christmas eve and they had a lot of activities in the city. Preparing the dresses for the morning church prayers was important and then to plan the next very day. On the night of Christmas they had dinner booked in the lavish hotel nearby, they had a very romantic dinner there she told. It was so memorable, she shares the pictures of the time some time.

Christmas Day in Marrakech:

You may have plenty of activities on Christmas day out but My cousin and her husband arranged a surprising thing on that very special day I will tell you in a while. They wore new dresses and headed towards the nearby Church in Marrakech for prayers.

the air balloon lunch experience

They then headed to the nearby destination where they already had a booking for the air balloon lunch experience. A unique and interesting one for me to know. You can also book your trip and go high on the air of Marrakech to see the city from the ariel angle with your spouse. It would be a total private trip with your memories of Christmas alone.

It was so different, they had lunch and then came down to earth. They then roamed around the city all day including the Museums, Parks, Bars, and Cafes to meet their mutual friends.

What I would try and would recommend you is to have the perfect experience and design your trip your own with your loved one. Christmas is near and you can have a perfect opportunity to get to the finest places with your couple to make sweet memories.