Hip Replacement Surgery

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Hip replacement surgery is the surgery that is undertaken to replace a damaged hip or worn-out hip. The damaged or worn-out part causes severe pain in the human body and to fix that pain the surgeons take out the worn-out part of the hip joint and an artificial part or joint is placed there. This results in recovery and reduction of pain in the hips. 

When is the Right Time to have Hip Replacement Surgery?

You can treat your hips and can undergo hip replacement surgery in Jaipur in the two conditions: –

  • In case you are suffering from a hip fracture and facing severe pain.
  • In case you suffered from arthritis or osteonecrosis. The symptoms of which are in no control even though you have changed your medications and lifestyle.

If you face any of the below-mentioned problems you can consider hip replacement surgery as an option: –

  • Having sleepless nights due to endless pain in the hip.
  • One cannot bear the pain even after proper medicinal intake.
  • If you are facing difficulty in doing exercises which include sitting, bending, and standing up.

Hip Replacement Surgery and its Types

There are many different types of surgeries for hip replacement. Some of them are discussed below.

  • Total/complete hip replacement. This type of surgery for hip replacement is very common. Generally, people go for this type of surgery.
  • Partial/hemiarthroplasty hip replacement surgery. This type of surgery is not so common. One specific group of people opt for such surgery.
  • Resurfacing of the hip. This type of surgery is primarily for young patients.

The first type of hip surgery that is total/complete hip surgery is also known as complete hip arthroplasty. This type of hip surgery is very common. Damaged portions or worn-out portions of the hip are replaced in this type of surgery. This way it helps in relieving or reducing pain in the hip area. The second type of hip replacement surgery is also known as hemiarthroplasty. This type of surgery is generally for elder patients who have an injury in their hips that causes hip fractures.

In surgeries, hip implants are used which helps in the regular functioning of hips. These hip implants are built with metal, plastic, a mixture of materials, and many more such things. Hip implants are of few types: –

  • Ceramic-on-ceramic
  • Metal-on-metal
  • Metal-on-polyethylene
  • Ceramic-on-polyethylene

How Much Time is Taken for Conducting Hip Replacement Surgery?

The total time taken by surgeons to complete one successful hip replacement surgery in Jaipur is one hour and thirty minutes. After the surgery, the patient is shifted to a normal ward and kept there for a few hours. All the important things like blood pressure, alertness, and heartbeat are to be taken care of and checked after the surgery. After the surgery, the patient needs to be in hospital for one or two days for after-surgery follow-up. Proper rest is very essential so that the hip implant has good longevity which depends upon the patient’s weight, physical condition, and placement’s accuracy.


To sum up, this article includes all the essential information one needs to know before having hip replacement surgery.