Miss World America Nation 2020

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This “Every Lady” is changing the face of online small business and philanthropy. Aside from her industry nickname “Supergirl,” and her current pageant title “Miss World America Nation 2020,” she’s amassed many favorable labels in the media: “Sweet, Smart, Sultry and Successful, Skin Deep (Fashion Style Diva)“, “The Queen Midas of Creative Community Service (Humour & Style)“, “One of The Greatest Minds In Creative (A Valid Review)“, “The Cosmic Fusion Between Billionaire Diaries and Princess Diaries, destined to change the world (Billionaire’s Diary)” ,”a Wonder Woman of her time and a One Girl Revolution (Icons In The Now)” and the list continues.

Now, as of September 23rd, 2020, she is not only the CEO of Calynn Communications & Creative, the corporation that owns The Fresh Faces Project, Chicago Talent TV and several online publications, but she is officially a 16-time award-winning entrepreneur! Within less than two week’s time, she has gained FIVE different awards being two Virtual Visionary Awards for Entrepreneurship & Community Service, two awards on behalf of The Sara Williams Online Scholarship Pageant & Fundraiser benefiting St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and a Service Leadership award from the pageant system she represents, the Miss & Mrs. America Nation Organization!

This outstanding accomplishment, being honored with five different awards within that short of a timespan beats her previous record. Before this, the most awards she had taken home within two weeks was in 2018 at the Chicago Oscars where she took home three trophies for Entrepreneur of the Year, Creative Community Service, and Best Public Relations at the age of 22 years old. Since she has beat this record, she is now making history as one of the youngest and most decorated small business owners in her field!

Despite her reputation, she still stands firm in her conviction that she’s really just your Girl Next Door, a picture perfect example of an “Every Lady.” We have a short interview with her capturing her thoughts on business, beauty and boys!

Tell us how you feel since you’ve won five awards within less than two weeks?

I feel more than elated, a joy that I truthfully can not even describe! I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to participate in all of the programs, and receive such appreciated recognition. The pageant system that I am a part of is the best and I had a ball strutting the runway at their Nationals Fashion Show in front of friends and family! The Virtual Visionary Awards was so fun and is run by an amazing woman, Sara, who is building scholarship funds to pay for college tuitions and donations benefiting research at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital! Wow, they all are phenomenal causes, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities.

How do you manage to have your hands in so many different pots and still make such big advancements? What’s your secret to being so young and being able to juggle so much?

I think that I was conditioned from a very young age to have good time-management skills and a good intuition about prioritization. My parents, Dawn and Tory, raised all three of their daughters, myself, Candyss and Camrynn, to do it all and with a smile. Honor roll grades, working jobs and internships, being involved in extracurriculars and serving your community in one way or another were ALL expectations. Thus, in my adulthood, while it can be exhausting and stressful sometimes, it’s nothing I can’t handle or am not used to! It means sacrificing a lot of fun and free time in my best years of youth. However, the ends justify the means because I know that if I continue working hard in both my career and my community service, that my dream of one day becoming a full-time humanitarian will come to fruition. I’m just so immensely grateful to have so many loved ones and friends who serve as a priceless support system on my journey to success!

On the topic of your loved ones and supporters, how have you been doing on your journey to find romance and a compatible mate?

Throughout my singleness in this past year and a half, I’ve been using this time to thoroughly vet and qualify the men who express interest for a long-term role in my life as hopefully the man I spend the rest of my life with. I have had so many ups and downs, with countless disappointments. However, I have sincerely grown in my self love and self worth and judge men by a completely different rubric now that my standards have dramatically increased along with the way I value myself. Currently, I’m really enjoying getting to know and spending time with one of the greatest men I’ve met so far, and surely one who I’ve developed some feelings for far beyond my other suitors. He’s the whole package and more. Tall, handsome, beyond athletic, an educated and accomplished aerospace engineer, and beyond all else he treats me very well with consistent communication and outings and makes me feel special. I can’t see the future and it’s too early on to say if he’ll be my “forever partner,” but judging by the way things have been, I can’t say that I’d mind.

Wrapping up our interview, we want you to give us three tips for the average “Every Lady”.

First, I would say that the average Every Lady should always keep things in perspective in her life: Dreams and goals first, love second, fun third etc. Second, I would say that you should always be educating yourself and honing your crafts in whatever fields you work in. So, if you’re an entrepreneur like me, read books, watch interviews/documentaries on your superiors and listen to informational podcasts to keep yourself as sharp as possible at all times. Never fall behind! Lastly, I would say to always recognize the value that you bring to the table. This is something many of us have struggled with, myself included, and it’s something you’ve gotta get a handle on. Once you see your worth, you’ll flourish in your own peace and happiness, making every other aspect of your life run a lot smoother!

Photo Credits to Ariel H. of The Fresh Faces Project and Miss & Mrs. America Nation Organization

Calynn’s Instagram: @missworldan2020 Calynn’s Facebook: @calynnmlawrence Calynn’s Blog: www.fashionthunderclap.com