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It is common to see steel sculptures in the home and office décor. Be it outdoor or indoor, people often look for some interesting installation. While they make an excellent addition to space, it is your responsibility to maintain it. Unless you clean it regularly and take good care of the sculptures, they will start wearing. If you do not intend to replace any of the sculptures often, you will have to invest time in making sure they are cleaned and neatly maintained on a regular basis.

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Here are some brilliant tips on how you can maintain the steel sculptures:

  1. Regularity:

The number one rule to maintain the steel sculptures is to keep in mind that it is not once in a blue-moon job. You will have to follow the care procedures regularly or as and when needed. Only regularity in cleaning and maintenance will ensure that your sculptures look shiny as new. However, routine care does not mean that you have to engage in elaborate care procedures every day. All you need to do is dust away the dirt every day. You can wipe the sculptures with a clean cloth and lukewarm water if you spot any grime on it.

  1. No Harsh Cleaning:

When you find that there is dirt or grime on your steel sculptures, you will have to be ready to clean it. However, do not head to the departmental store for buying all the cleaning solutions and fancy equipment. All you need is a mild liquid soap, lukewarm water, and a clean cloth. You need to be gentle when you are working on the sculpture. Do not be harsh or scrub the dirt out. It is possible that you leave behind scratches in the process. Once you are done removing the stains, wash the sculpture with clean water, and then wipe with a dry cloth to ensure there is no water residue left.

  1. Keeping Away Chemicals:

The stainless steel is a combination of several metals and minerals. Hence, the ground rule is to keep the steel sculptures away from chlorine. Also, if you are getting your premises cleaned by professional cleaners, ensure that they are careful around the sculptures. The window cleaning solutions are specifically harmful to the steel creations and you need to be cautious with it. Even when you decide to clean the sculpture yourself, you should choose mild and steel-friendly cleaning solutions.

  1. Learn the Technique:

The internet is loaded with videos that will help you understand the right technique to clean the steel sculptures. You need to learn how to avoid scratches while you are cleaning the sculptures. There are specific ways in which you should be rubbing the steel installations. Otherwise, you will be risking the shine of it. In addition, you will have to invest in the right scrubbing and wiping cloths to make sure that sculpture does not damage in a way.

  1. Professional Services:

You might not be blessed with the free time to work on maintaining the sculptures you installed. However, there are so many professionals and cleaning companies are there to help you. Simply search for the services that specialize in metal cleaning. Look for the package deals so that you not only save money while hiring the services but also get the sculptures cleaned regularly.

The task of cleaning the sculpture might appear to be tedious but in reality, it is not so. All you need to be specific about is devoting some of your time regularly. Moreover, if you are careful and consistent, you will find it easy to maintain the sculptures.