Wi-Fi installation

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Survival without access to the social world of media is considered monotonous and uncalled for, in the present times. Thus, Internet has become a necessity for everyone be it children, youngsters, middle-aged group or the retiring aged people. Thus, the amenity that provides network access, through computers, mobile phones, smartphones or by any other way of interaction, performed within a specific area through the cordless approach of sharing ideas, depicts the concept of Wi-Fi.

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Simply put, Wi-Fi is a wireless technology using radio waves, to provide high-speed Internet and network connections.

The Wireless Fidelity makes use of IEEE 802.11 standards to achieve connection to the network. Wi-Fi now can be found everywhere from homes, schools, colleges to large organizations such as government offices, hospitals, airports, restaurants, hotels, or other public spots.

Why Get Wi-Fi?

With the computer world blooming, and business reaching to all countries, network connectivity for business, for social media presence, for recreation has become imperative and compelling. The network connection can be achieved through wired and cordless methods with the cost of Wi-Fi installation higher than other methods. Wi-Fi network has several benefits that include a widespread network. Moreover, the advancements in the Wi-Fi network has made work faster as compared to DSL or cable connections, and the network can be used anywhere, while on the run, on the road, or at home. The convenience of using the network without any cable connection and any loss in network availability makes it apt for this network. There are public access sites or hotspots available for the common man to use it without any cost, i.e., networks near government offices, near malls, near hi-fi shops, and five-star hotels or multi-cuisine restaurants.

Advantages of Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi becoming an integral part of our internet world offers several benefits that are:

  • They can be carried anywhere and everywhere thereby providing you 24-hour connectivity
  • They are easy to be installed without many technicalities
  • They are flexible in their modus operandi
  • In comparison to the indispensable services they offer their cost of installation and running is pretty minimal
  • They offer network users reliable and secure connectivity
  • The Wi-Fi helps to connect within seconds thereby having an extremely high-speed connectivity

How to install Wi-Fi?

Without having to bother about plugging into a port, Wi-Fi has become the most lucrative alternative to cabled connectivity. Setting up Wi-Fi is quite simple. Once your network is properly configured, you can tread ahead with the setting up of wireless network connectivity.

  • Plug the Wi-Fi router into the internet modem.
  • Look out for connectivity
  • On receiving the signals, change the settings as instructed on the screen of the gadget
  • As soon as all instructions are followed through, the Wi-Fi system is installed and ready to function
  • To test the connection, browse through a search engine and test whether you are being able to access it
  • Change your password and there you are, all set to surge ahead with your easily installed Wi-Fi.

The network connection can be availed from Internet Service Providers (ISP) either through a wired or wireless network. Wi-Fi installation can opt for the wireless connection. Many service providers are emerging in the market. Based on the speed of connection and the cost, the customers can purchase the connection where you can get it for commercial use or use at home. The rate varies according to the usage and days and also on the speed of the network.

Be precautious while selecting the Wi-Fi modem as your internet world depends on their speed and connectivity capabilities.

To be happy in this world, first you need a cell phone and then you need an airplane. Then you’re truly wireless.

By: Ted Turner