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If you are looking to improve your posture, it may be time to consider trying a good postural or support bra. Let be clear, simply wearing a support bra will not magically fix your posture or back pain Problem. What it will do, however, is providing very good back support and “remind” you to self-correct your alignment. Combined with some simple habits, this type of bra can significantly help improve your posture.

First, it helps to understand the specific bra characteristics and how they are designed. The main distinguishing feature of this lace camisole bra is superior upper back and shoulder support – the bra essentially pulls your shoulders up and back to alleviate pressure. Most of them are constructed with reinforced bands then designed to criss-cross in the back. They will not have under wires because of this design. Some of the logline designed bras will also have back and body support panels for additional support. Others have a pullover athletic design.

Choose the best type of bra

To improve your posture, how does this type of bra actually help you? It serves as a constant reminder to pull your shoulders in and sit straight, because of the unique pulling sensation. Here is the caveat – you actually have engaged your muscles and get back to full alignment – head aligned, shoulders pulled back, lower back straightened. It is the trigger that reminds you to finish the job, as the posture bra cannot do everything.

For those of you with very poor postural alignment, the correct way to use a camisole pullover bra is to combine it with the appropriate neck and back postural exercises. This type of bra will provide great support so that you can build these muscles up slowly over time.


So that you are getting proper support, as you need to be in the right size bra. The midline of your breasts (where the nipple is) should be sitting half way between your shoulder and your elbow. While you are playing sport and even doing everyday things like doing housework or gardening, having the right support is especially important. Your bra shouldn’t ride up, you should not have to continuously pull it down and the straps should stay comfortably in place. Any vertical movement (or bounce) is minimized, is what you should also feel.

Stop breast tissue damage

Breast tissue damage occurs due to several reasons. One of them, being in the wrong size bra. We need to take care for our breasts by doing regular breast checks, but also it is important to wear a well-fitting bra. The sudden weight gain or weight loss, being pregnant, through breastfeeding or not being properly supported while playing sports or being active are the other reasons breast tissue damage can occur.

Foundation for your fashion

When you are wearing a properly fitted bra  then you create a fantastic foundation for your fashion, meaning your clothes hang properly and look great on. If you are wearing the wrong size seamless lovely lace camisole bra you can sometimes appear larger, or it can create the illusion of extra tummy. To give you a trimmer look and to make your outerwear look that much better, by wearing the right size bra you will help elongate the appearance of your torso.

Two instead of four

Unless you are wearing a sport bra and you will have the ‘single bump you should have two well defined breasts. All your breast tissue should be within the cup, with none of it spilling out the sides or over the top to give the illusion of extra boob!