Airbrush foundation

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In the recent times, the people usually crave to create an attractive yet glamorous look by applying the makeup appropriately. Makeup is a beautiful art that requires experience and art-related skills. Whether you are going out for a party with your colleagues and mates or have to attend an office meeting, you won’t go out without putting up the base such as foundation, eyeliner, lipstick, and etc. however, applying and wearing the makeup is not that easy how it seems to be.

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Makeup can help you capture a moment.

But no need to be tensed now as with the advanced technology, an airbrush makeup has dwindled the use of that ordinary brushes. Thus, you don’t need to rub the harsh brush on your face rather using the airbrush you can easily blend your makeup and create an amazing look for any event. Generally, the people have a question of how to use an airbrush for makeup? And does it has any side effects to your skin?

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First of all, the airbrushes are used to set and blend the makeup. The major benefit of using such brushes is that you may observe your liner, foundation, and other products to be set for a long period of time. Some other uses and significance of an airbrush are as follows:

  • The airbrush makeup is mainly designed for its utilization in the filming industries. In the earlier period especially in the HD videos and movies, the celebrities used to apply traditional makeup that was not adequate to conceal the wrinkles, pores, marks, and other such features of the skin. Moreover, those products were also rich in the harmful chemicals that can lead to the damage of skin. Hence, in order to look clear, the actors and actresses of film industries enhanced their features with the airbrush.
  • It is a spraying method where the practitioner can easily blend and apply the airbrush foundation, liner, lipstick, eyebrows, and etc without even touching the skin. Apart from this, you can easily create layers and try diverse shades on your skin
  • Whether you are a professional makeup artist or beginner in this field, an airbrush can ease your task by eliminating the need for extra efforts and aiding you to create special yet interesting effects on your face.

Tips and tricks on how to use an airbrush for makeup

MakeupAn airbrush is a small sized makeup tool that comprises of two needles among which the first needle expel out the air whereas the second one is responsible to discharge the pigment. The airbrush begins the operation when the air and pigments convene.  There are various formulas available for the airbrushes and the person should apply it only considering their skin tone and sensitivity. Some of them are:

  1. Water-based – this airbrush is mainly designed with the solution of water in the ingredients to apply makeup for the events and places with the minimal availability of lights.
  2. Alcohol-based – it is one of the most utilized and effective airbrushes that has a long-lasting effect on the skin of the person. It has the potential to stay for more than 3 days on the skin and hence is especially used by the celebrities. However, the product comprises 90%-95% quantity of alcohol and hence can have a negative impact on the skin.
  3. Silicon-based – if you desire to put on makeup but look natural with your skin then silicon based airbrush is made for you. if the appropriate shades are chosen i.e., as per the skin tone of the person then it can stay for a long time.

The process of applying makeup through an airbrush

Though you can operate the airbrush method on your own, it is advisable to seek the help of some professional as a small misplace can ruin your makeover. Moreover, you must go through the manuals and other DVD and CD’s to ensure the proper use of the equipment. The steps to apply the makeup using airbrush are as follows:

  • The airbrush makeup is entirely different from that of the conventional brushes and hence, should be positioned at a distance of at least 5-6 inches from your skin.
  • In order to form layers and shades, you are required to rotate the brush in a circular motion. Though you can also opt for the backward and forward rotation, the circular motion is highly recommended as the same can give the finishing touch to your skin.
  • If you are beginner then it is advisable to keep the pressure as low as possible as higher pressure needs a lot of surface area.
  • Make sure that you apply a minimal blush and highlights as correcting the over applied blush is comparatively complicated than that in traditional makeup kits.
  • While creating the layers on the skin, make sure to provide enough time for the previous layer to dry up before placing the next one.


In this way, you can use the airbrush and create a wonderful look within few hours. so what are you thinking about? If you desire to look gorgeous and rock the event then get a kit of airbrush from a retail store or online store at reasonable rates and observe the changes.

Makeup is about balance. When the eye makes a statement, the lips should be quiet.

~By Francois Nars