handcrafted jewellery online

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A beautiful piece of handcrafted jewellery has always been the pride of the possessor. After all who doesn’t crave for the unique piece of jewellery that was destined to be just yours?

You also need to know the information of caring for the handmade jewellery that requires a bit more effort than the mass-produced counterparts. If you want to make sure that the jewellery keeps looking as gorgeous as the first day, here are some tips that you need to follow.

  • Put Them on Last Thing while Dressing & Make them the First Thing to Take Off – This the first rule that you should consider. Put on the handcrafted jewellery after everything is worn at the time of getting dressed. This includes lotions and perfumes and it must be the first thing to take off at the time of getting undressed.
  • Clean the Jewellery -You should ensure that the perfume residue, the oil secreted from the skin or just the dust in the air can be lurking on the nooks, beads and crannies of the favourite bracelet or necklace. But it is lingering there and it is going to destroy the favourite piece of accessory before long. You can avoid this situation by regularly and lovingly cleansing the items. Here are some points to remember –

a) Use a cleaner that is meant for the item that you are cleaning. Use silver cleanser for silver and gold cleanser for the gold accessories.

b) Care for the beaded jewels and gemstones. Avoid using the harsh chemicals that are meant for the metal. This can damage the polish and shine of the stone and beads.

c) If you are doubtful, you should use lukewarm soapy water and a cloth that is gentle. This will do the trick for making sure that your jewellery does not decay in a drawer slowly which is when you least expect it.

  • Avoid Doing Certain Things with the Jewellery On – You should never shower, sleep, swim or do dishes with the accessories on. Saltwater, chlorine, detergents, household cleaners can lead to discolouration. Your accessories can loosen the gemstones and you have an enhanced risk of losing them down the drain.
  • Store the Jewellery – The tangle of bracelets, necklaces and earrings on the top of the dresser is not that useful. It will frustrate you when are accessorizing before stepping out of home. So it is better to properly storing the jewellery both handcrafted and otherwise. Here are some tips –

a) Silver should be stored in a jewellery box or in a sealed container for preventing moisture and air from tarnishing the silver jewels.

b) Hang the non-silver bracelets or necklaces on a hook for preventing the tangling. The earrings can be held and protected on an earring stand or the brim of cup.

c) The broaches and rings must be put in a jewellery drawer or box. Avoid piling them in a bowl or basket as this will damage and scratch the items.

  • Dry the Jewellery Carefully – You should never use tissue paper or paper towels for drying off the jewellery. These are abrasive and are going to scratch the jewellery. So for drying them, always use a soft cloth.
  • Things to Avoid – You must not place the jewellery in any sort of ultrasonic appliances or steam or boil them. Also take off the rings prior to do any sort of heavy lifting as the wires can get snagged.

Now that you know the secrets pf taking care of them, you can easily go shopping for handcrafted jewellery online and expand your collection of your favourite accessories and restore them for the longest time with the right care tips.