flower gift delivery

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From childhood days you love doing secret things like wishing your sister secretly. So those things gave you massive fun. Now you are a working professional and still, you do carry the same spark of secretly planning gifts for friends and near ones. This time you have planned to wish your friends all who are there in your home town for their special days. But there would be a twist to this wish as you are not going to write your name as the sender on the gift instead you are going to send it as an anonymous sender.

  1. Red And White Roses: By the end of this week, you have your best friend’s first day in a new office. So you want to make something special for her to celebrate her day from a distance. That is why you thought of sending her favorite red and white roses. You even got a bouquet of same colors from the authentic online portal. It looks so pretty with a white wrapping paper knotted with a red satin ribbon. But this time you are not going to mention your name underneath the gift as you want her to think all the day who gave her a gift. It would be fun to see her playing the guesswork all day.
  2. Printed Soft Toy: You were a gang of four and all of you were the real pranksters in college. So to celebrate the birthday of one of the friends among all friends who decided to send an anonymous gift. And the gift you picked is a huge cream color teddy of 24 inches with prints on its paws. Even the beautiful bow at the neck has multiple prints as well. How lovely and vibrant the teddy look but again it has a sober appeal too. On it’s perfect choice for your sweet friend. Your friends are so excited to hear from your friend about the excitement she would have when she will receive such gift without sender’s information.
  3. Spa Combo Gift: Among all the friends he was very particular about his looks. In fact in school also he used to come in well-groomed outfits. Therefore this year on his graduation day you as his best friend decided to give him a bit shock with a gift as an anonymous sender. And the gift you picked is a simple shaving kit with essentials like the Razor, brush, aftershave balm, and the foam. The best is that all these products are from the reputed men’s brand Gillette. But there are some additions like the blue bathing towel which is again the favourite one of your friend. Let us wait to see how your friend reacts to the anonymous gift.

How To Send The Gift As An Anonymous Sender?

You only need to do a couple of steps to send flower anonymously. Just log on to the web page of the authentic floral or gift delivery partner, then browse the catalogues. Suppose you want the flowers then go to that respective section. Else if you want to send any other gift then slowly check out the available listed gifts. But as you want to send this anonymously make sure to inform that to the online portal. Also, note that you can go for midnight or same day delivery as well. On the other hand, the online delivery companies do make sure that the recipient is there at home by giving a prior call.

Thus get ready to get and give the thrill of sending a gift through same day delivery gifts as an anonymous sender.