How to get the best discounts

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Don’t fall for the scheme of dynamic pricing

Have you ever wondered why you and your friends are offered different prices for same products and from the same stores that’s why because these products don’t have standard prices and the prices varies on the basis of your buying patterns, your buying history and preferences. The locality you are from also has a huge impact on the prices you are offered because location and residence has a strong connection from the income group and affordability. People shopping from Manhattan, America are supposed to have more affordability than from people located in Kabul, Afghanistan.

This discrimination in pricing is called the dynamic pricing. The best ways to escape this trap and avoid over priced products is to shop on incognito mode, set your location to a less developed country or clean history and cookies of the browser so that the seller doesn’t have your buying information.  If succeed in using above mentioned techniques you will able to get low prices and best discounts.

Try shopping apps

Brands have reason to believe that customers who have their shopping apps installed in their phones are loyal to the brand thus are more likely to shop from their stores that’s why they offer best discounts to these customers for the purpose to encourage their loyalty.

Shopping apps are also a great way for brands to stay connected to their customers and this connection is beneficial for the customers too as they are well informed about the best deals and discounts offered by that brand.

Discount Apps and sites

There are smartphone apps and websites that are specifically designed for the news and updates of best discounts, deals and price cuts. It is a good idea to regularly check these websites and applications so that you are always aware of the discounts and deals offered by your favourite brands or the discounts offered by different stores.

The other useful feature of these application is that you can also compare different prices of different brands and aid in your shopping decision. You decision is also improved with the help of customer reviews and feedback. This will help you avoid hidden charges and fake promotions. When you are shopping especially online there are many factors not available that are accessible in traditional shopping so we need to be very careful in our decision making and these apps are an easy and smart way to do that.

Intelligent use of coupon codes

Coupon codes are a blessing and are a great way to get amazing discounts but only if you use it intelligently and strategically. All these coupons are not useful if you are using them foolishly. The mistake that most of the people make is they get overexcited with the coupons and buy things that they don’t actually need just for the sake of utilising those coupons.

Using coupon codes are best when used strategically, buy things that you need and buy them in a way that you can use multiple coupons. Get these coupons before the expiry dates and save them for other promotions then use them combined with the discounted, promotional price of the products to get more discounts.  

Abandon your cart with items in it

This is trick is not very common but it works just fine. While shopping online but are not getting any attractive discounts. Select all the things that you want, fill up your cart and just before the payment, don’t click on the button and leave the cart abandoned with all the items in it.

This would leave the sellers in an unsettling position they could not figure why you are not paying after spending so much time looking for items and this incomplete transaction is an irritation for them because all those items that are in your cart that stock cannot be sold to another customer because it is on you cart. So in order to urge you to complete the transaction most of the sellers end up giving discounts. In some cases they even contact you and ask what is the problem and you can simply answer that the prices are a little high and if they are desperate enough they will offer you exclusive coupons or discounts.  

Shop at the right time.

The one thing that is very crucial while online shopping is the timing. There are particular days or even hours in which products are substantially cheaper. For example the off season sales offered by the brands and some sites in order to attract more customers even offer sales at a particular time. You can get amazing discounts if you pay close attention to these time bound sales and discounts. The best example of this is the world-wide sale of Black Friday. On this particular day every year record breaking discounts are offered and availed. 

In addition to that, if you’re a business owner and plans to order personalised work wear or wants resale something or even intends to buy stuff in bulk for household purposes you can get these products in substantially lower prices if you pick the right time to purchase which is mostly when the demand of that product is low and there aren’t any buyers to buy so in order to avoid loses sellers tend to sell these products in discounted prices.

Look for best shopping websites

The most obvious one is to get extraordinary discount is to look for sites that provides the best product in best prices. There are a number of websites available and your desired product can be available on many of them now you need to do some research and find out which website is offering the most discount.

This is a time consuming task especially when you are looking for an urgent product in that case, the customer review pages and feedbacks can be of great help and save you some valuable time.

Compare online prices and in-store prices.

Prices are different for different stores especially online and in-stores. The smart method to get discounted prices is to physically go to store and ask for prices or call to the physical stores and inquire prices and then compare these prices with online stores. If you are good with words may be you can argue with either of them and get even more discounted prices.

Online stores are a serious threat for physical stores because they are more convenient so it will be smart to use this competition to get lower prices from the stores.

Pay attention to advertisements

It is obvious that marketing is developed so much but the old mediums of marketing like billboards, newspaper ads are still quite relevant and effective. If you don’t want to miss any big discounts you need to have an eye for these ads and promotions because to tackle the competition many brands offer amazing discounts and increase their sales volumes and these discounts are advertised through newspapers, emails, text messages and broadcast media.

All those individuals wanting to get big and amazing discounts must not ignore these advertisements.

Follow Social Media platforms

When we talk about marketing we cannot forget social media marketing. Every other brand no matter big or small has an existence on social media platforms and these platforms are a great way to connect with the potential customers. That is why many discounts and promotions are offered on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Smaller brands that could not afford expensive advertisements on Billboards or TV are offering some attractive discounts and coupons on social media platforms because these are cheaper means of marketing. It will be foolish of person if he doesn’t follow social media platforms of his or her favourite stores and brands.

Giveaways are fantastic

Giveaways are hard to get but one of the best discounts there is. Many celebrities to expand their social influence or to increase their number of followers and fans offer giveaway to the general public on some conditions.

The conditions are mainly to follow them and to get them more followers by sharing their platforms and these giveaways are free gifts. Isn’t this something awesome? All you need to do is follow some people and share their profiles and you will get a free gift delivered at your doorstep and that too from a celebrity or social influencer. But the catch is you need to be lucky in that case because there is always a lucky draw.