anarkali suits

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Anarkali Suits are the best ethnic picks. They instantly transform your overall appearance. They add feminine charm to your look. They are suitable for every body type. If you are also buying anarkalis, then do read the following post that has the best guide for you. The compatible necklines will help you get decent but stylish looks. So, let us find all about the necklines and their types.

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1 – V-Shaped necklines:

They work perfectly for thin women. The women with heavy bust should steer away from them. The women with average bust size can also pick theses necklines. The plunging V-necks make them appear more feminine. You can opt for all kinds of styles such as:

  • Embellished V-Necks
  • Plain V-Necks
  • Heavy anarkalis

You can accessorize as per the occasion and preference. If your neckline has heavy work, then neck pieces are not required. You can wear heavy jhumkas or chand balis in ears.

2 – Athletic Shape or Half-Ban Necklines:

The Athletic or the Half-Ban neckline is perfect for sporty bodies. The identifying features of the athletic bodies are:

  • Wide shoulders
  • Skinny and sporty body
  • Straight hips
  • Athletic frame which is fit and not flabby anywhere

The women with this type of body can flaunt all kinds of necklines. However, this is the most perfect pick in the Anarkalis. The Half-Ban with a V-neck gives an illusion of curves. Thus, your otherwise boyish frame will appear perfectly feminine. This neckline is also perfect for the women with short necks. These necklines draw the attention towards the centre of the body.

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3 – Pear Shaped Bodies:

The women that have pear-shaped bodies have a triangular body. They have narrow shoulders and well-defined waist. When compared to the hips, the shoulders and bust are narrower. The hips and thighs are well-rounded. The women with this type of body should wear deep round necks. These necklines flaunt your collar bones. They also add width to your shoulders. Even if you have short necks, they make your neck appear longer.

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4 – Apple shaped bodies:

The women that have apple shaped bodies have the following features:

  • Torso is wide
  • Full bust
  • Full waist
  • Shoulders are broad
  • Arms, legs and hips are thin

For the women having apple-shaped bodies, the sweetheart neckline is the best. The sweetheart neckline balances out all the areas and accentuates the bust. It makes the complete silhouette perfect. These necklines can be worn by women with long as well as short necks. They make your frames appear elongated. If you want to make a playful appearance, opt for the ruffled Anarkalis.

5 – Hourglass Bodies:

If you are blessed with the much-envied and loved hourglass figure – YAY!! You can sport all kinds of dresses and apparels. You have a perfectly balanced body. The upper body and the lower body are well-balanced. The waistline is smaller. You can flaunt all kinds of necklines. And if you want to pick the most compatible ones, then choose boat-neck. The boat-neck style of neckline will trace the curve of your collar bone. It will also accentuate the perfectly balanced body frame. Well, stay worriless because you can sport anything to everything.

6 – Short and round figure:

If you don’t identify yourself with the above-mentioned types then worry not. If your body-type is a short and round figure, then pick the classic rounds. Pick deep-neck and broad round necklines. The Anarkalis should be fit under the bust. They can be a bit loose near the tummy and hips. These styles will control your curves. You will be able to flaunt the best parts of your figure. If you don’t want to wear the heels, keep the length of Anarkali short. The anarkali should reach the middle of your legs.

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