eyebrow pencil

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Framing your eyes with striking eyebrows draws attention, whether you are at a party or taking a selfie. Ensuring that your eyebrows stand out is not a simple process, and you need to right tools to get it done.  The eyebrow pencil has long been a staple of makeup kits and helped women get statement eyebrows. So if you have ignored the pencil when sculpting your brows it is time you rediscovered it!  To help you get Instagram ready eyebrows that meet the latest trends, we have outlined how to go about choosing the best pencils for your brows. 

The lasting appeal of the eyebrow pencil 

There are powders, gels, serums, and more that you can use to get striking brows, but eyebrow pencils have time and again managed to beat them all. The popularity of the humble brow pencil is attributable to it being ideal for defining and filling out brows. So if you have thin, medium, or thick brows the pencil ensures that they pop. If you use a pencil you can also give your brows a natural look and ensure that they are perfectly colored. So whether you have blonde, brunette, or black hair a pencil should be an integral part of your eyebrow makeup kit. 

How to choose the best eyebrow pencil for your needs 

Consider the color of your hair 

First of all, when choosing a brow pencil, check the color of your hair. Some experts recommend that you choose a pencil color that is a lighter shade than your hair. Others suggest a color that exactly matches your hair color. Irrespective of expert advice, you need to be comfortable with the color of your eyebrows and importantly they need to look natural. So even if you are blonde and prefer darker brows, just go with what you love! However, using a pencil to get darker brows does not mean that you should color your eyebrows brown when you are a natural platinum blonde. Such a big difference between hair color and brow color might draw attention, but does not suit most people. Let’s face reality; we are not Daenerys Targaryen, the mother of dragons, who rocks the brown brows and blonde hair combination effortlessly. So here is how you should go about finding a brow pencil that suits your hair color: 

  • Brown hair: If your hair is a shade of brown then you can choose a brunette eyebrow pencil that is up to two shades lighter. 
  • Blonde hair: Blondes naturally have darker colored eyebrows. So the perfect brow pencil in such cases can be up to two shades darker and akin to a brown or taupe shade. 
  • Black hair: If you have black hair it does not mean that the brow pencil should match. Instead, it is safe to pick an eyebrow pencil soft black or one that has a brunette shade. 
  • Red hair: In the case of redheads, you should pick a pencil that gives you brows a ashy or gold-tinted finish, as this will reduce the chances of our eyebrows having an orange tint. 

Take your eye color into account 

Eye color might not be the most important aspect when you choose an eyebrow pencil color but you should not exclude it.  So here is what you should be aware of: 

  • Blue and green eyes: People with blue and green eyes usually have lighter colored skin and blonde hair, in this case, it is ideal that your get a pencil that matches the darkest portion of your hair. 
  • Brown eyes: In case you have brown or black eyes pick a lighter shade for example an eyebrow pencil brunette. 

Tips from our experts on how to use brow pencils 

The rules for using eyebrow pencils are not set in stone. But there are some dos and don’ts you should be aware of, and they are given below. 

  • Once you get a good brow pencil, you can use it to add finesse to your eyebrows. Don’t however use where there is no hair on your brows. 
  • Go ahead and use a brow pencil of your choice on your eyebrows to add definition. As you define your brows, shade the area above and below to create a lighter finish. 
  • Don’t use the pencil to give your brows a uniform shade. Instead, use a pencil to define and fill your brows and then provide finishing touches with powder or a brow gel. 
  • Sharpen a pencil before you use it on your brows as you will be using it to draw individual hairs. 
  • After using the pencil blend its strokes with the aid of a brow brush so that the finish appears natural. 
  • Don’t hold back on using a tinted eyebrow gel. After using a pencil on your brows you can use a gel with the right tint to get fuller eyebrows and define arches to perfection. 

Make your brow fantasy come true! 

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