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The magical symbolism of a wedding band

The beauty of the meaning behind the wedding band is often over-looked when placed in the presence of a more extravagant engagement ring in comparison to the cheap wedding rings. Men and women often prefer to spend more on the engagement ring and less on the wedding band but what people forget is that although the engagement ring symbolizes a beautiful promise of marriage and forever in the near future between two people, a wedding band symbolizes so much more.

A Wedding band is actually the symbolic way of showing the world the purity and sanctity of the relationship between you and your spouse. It doesn’t really matter if the wedding band is cheap what matters is that it shows that you are forever more bound to that one person you love in sickness or in health. It is as important as the marriage itself because without the wedding band other people who are not privy to the relationship between you and your spouse might not realize that you are married at all due to the absence of the wedding band. This is one piece of jewelry that both men and women are never without from the minute they say ‘I do’ in front of the Minister or priest. It is practically a rite of passage to forever more have a beautiful ring on your finger which symbolizes not only your marriage but also the fact that you are no longer alone in this world but you now have someone to share it with. Isn’t that a beautiful thought? It surely is.

Engagement ring

Engagement ring costs vs wedding band costs

It is often seen that while buying an engagement ring people marginally splurge on the engagement ring and go for cheaper wedding rings so that they can spend the money elsewhere. But that doesn’t seem right! So how much should you spend on your wedding band? Well, first you should:

  1. Evaluate your budget

The first before any monetary endeavor is to always check if you have the bank balance to afford those endeavors. Don’t use more than you have and definitely do not use less than is required. The point of evaluating your budget is to see that you buy a wedding that is most suited to your spouse and yourself, such that it is complementary to your engagement ring yet is not as extravagant. Find the balance so that you can use the extra money left on other wedding expenditures. After all, you already have spent a fortune on the engagement ring!

Evaluate your budget

  1. Dont listen to far-fetched stories

If you hear someone saying that they got their wedding band at only 20$ and spent the rest on some trip, do not listen to them! They’re either lying or they bought something out of a vending machine. A simple plain wedding band can cost around 300 – 1500$ but if you’re going for more than a simple band and you want a little pizazz and sparkle then you will probably be spending around 1000$ to 6000$. This is the average cost, don’t get duped into something not worth your while on the look for cheap wedding rings.

  1. Don’t get conned

While on the lookout for cheap wedding rings make sure that you go to proper and safe places where you are not in danger of getting conned or duped into something that is an absolute fake! Go to reliable places and find cheap wedding rings with amazing quality. Do not compromise quality.

  1. Put your back into it!

While on the lookout for cheap wedding rings always account for disaster. That is making sure that the ring you buy isn’t as fragile as glass and doesn’t break at a slight fall or bump. You need to make sure that the ring is sturdy so go out and actually look for a place like Find U Rings and find a wedding band that is both cheap yet the perfect quality which will last you a lifetime.

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So ultimately the question was, how much should you spend on a wedding band? More than an engagement ring? Certainly not! Less than a 100$? Absolutely not! Spend just enough that it is not extremely extravagant and unnecessary but it is actually sturdy, durable, and beautiful. Something that will remind you of the durability of marriage. Hey! You could even have it inscribed with a quote special to you and your spouse or a date or literally anything that comes to mind and pleases your heart. It’s best if you go to a place where you can safely budget yourself so that you can find exactly what you are looking for and nothing less than the best.