bathroom furniture

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Our home is a reflection of us. You will see many interior décor styles and ideas catering to your bedroom, living room, bar space, and balconies. But, the most used space of a home is the bathroom. Gone are the days when you would consider a bathroom as space where you just get things done and then conveniently leave. Now, you can do a lot more with your bathroom to make it look more loyal and nothing less than a zone that uplifts your spirits. This blog will help you in analyzing your bathroom space and help you in making it an extension of your own personality.

  • The luxury Space

Who doesn’t love luxury? We all do! Now you can give a luxurious, royal look to your bathroom with styles and designs that spell glamour and magnificence. From a spectacular chandelier to marble flooring, your luxurious bathroom will elevate your senses. You can transform your bathroom space into a wellness space with a swim spa.

From automatic flush valves to sensory faucets that can sense your movement you will give a new age upgrade to your bathroom. Not only are these luxuries high-tech but, are good for the environment and water-saving.

  • The passion for India

Let your love and passion for India reflect in the interior space of your bathroom. From candles to laundry bags made of jute to tiles with lovely ethnic patterns, your Indian soul will reflect in your bathroom space. An antique, stylish mirror with beautiful borders is an amazing Indian style statement. You can choose colors like warm greys and browns that echo a sense of rural India. Use traditionally designed lanterns against the bathroom lights will give a rich culture vibe. But you can even choose bathroom faucets and fittings according to your style and choice to give a traditional look.

  • The minimalistic look

The name of the look itself suggests keeping things minimal with sharp and sleek designs. You can keep a simple monochrome look with white tiles, bathroom fittings and bathroom furniture. Break the look with potted plants in your bathroom that add a unique style as well as freshness to the bathroom. You can opt for a glass shower enclosure. The sleekness and simplicity of your bathroom will not only stun you but even others who use it. With whole white décor, choose bathroom fitting in black matte, this will give a fantastic, everlasting look to your bathroom adding more space to it.

  • The bohemian spirit

When your home décor speaks of your happy go lucky nature then why not your bathroom? Let your mind speak when picking interior ideas for your bathroom that match your personality. Keep one wall of your bathroom a full canvas for your artist’s side. You can even choose a mixed variety of tiles for creating a collage or even go for a wallpaper that is offbeat. This might not be so common for some households, but trends need to change. When it comes to choosing bathroom faucets and fittings, the world is your canvas. Go wild and choose bathroom faucets and fittings in bright, vivid colors. You can even add quirkiness with stainless steel or gold dust faucets. To give it a more sophisticated look you can stack up bathroom accessories and fill in bright towels in your bathroom. The best part of the bohemian bathroom interior is that nothing needs to match with anything. The look should be bright and chic. The entire bathroom should be filled with a splash of colors. Now, it’s on you how you choose the bright color scheme and in what all attributes.