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Do you live in a home? Or are you a working bachelor or a student studying in a hostel? If you are one specified in the second sentence of this article, then you may give a second thought about reading the content. The reason, the title is home appliances list. If you are living in a home, it is easy to visualize and inform us if we have missed an appliance. In this article, let us focus on the home appliances found in a home.

Major BreakThrough

What do we have today? A smart home, artificial intelligence applications, a robot which thinks on its own and many more. But we should not forget the fact, that the breakthrough happened only after the electricity got invented by Thomas Alva Edison. Then came the electronic sewing machine, washing machine and many more. Has technology development stopped? We can see a fat big smile on your face. The innovations will continue till the last human ceases to exist on this Mother Earth.

Okay, let us not beat around the bush, but get down to serious business. Will we focus on the home appliances list?

In this article, we give information on the list of home appliances found in an Indian home. So, let us get started, will we?

  1. Home Appliances List – Dishwasher

Home Appliances List - Dishwasher

Can your family be called an urban household? Then we need not tell the importance of dishwashers in your home. You are off to work during the day, and so does your spouse. Your children, well, they go to college or school. So who will wash the dishes after cooking and dining? It is, in these situations, that dishwasher has attained popularity.

Before two decades, your ancestors had to clean and wipe every dish by their hand. It was a time consuming and hard task.  The main reason this dishwashing machine got popular.

You can find various types of dishwashers in the market. But you need to choose the right model that fits the needs of your family and home. You will find difficulty in installing a large dishwasher model in a small home. On the other hand, if your family has a dozen members, then it will be futile to buy a small dishwasher model. So, before you go out to buy the new model, ensure you know the family needs.

  1. Home Appliances List – Washing Machine

Home Appliances List - Washing Machine

Have you seen Bollywood films directed fifty years ago? Every movie had a scene with the heroine washing clothes in the river. Coming to the present era, you have several advertisements lined up between television serials speaking about the strong features of Washing machine brands. The womenfolk in the family do not waste time washing clothes in recent times. Instead, they prefer washing machines to clean the clothes of dirt. But like every electronic appliance, there are many types of washing machines.

Before you buy a new model, ensure its working capacity and the ability to save money. It should also save money by not bringing a hike in the electricity bills.

  1. Home Appliances List – Microwave Oven

Home Appliances List - Microwave Oven

One of the many appliances requisite for an urban family. When your wife comes out after a hard day’s work at the office, you cannot expect her to provide steaming hot food. There are chances, that the food prepared before breakfast becomes the new item for dinner. No issues. The microwave oven makes the task of warming of food a lot easier.

You can find different microwave models, but choose the one that suits your family needs. It is no use buying a large model if you are just four members in your home. Take time to browse the models compatible, affordable for a four-member family.

  1. Home Appliances List – Refrigerator

Home Appliances List - Refrigerator

In modern times, rarely will you find an Indian home without the refrigerator. In the summer, foods get spoilt in quick time. The only alternative is the fridge. In the olden days, your ancestors prepared food in different ways to preserve them for long periods of time. But in the 19th century, with the invention of the fridge, even raw meat can be preserved for a longer time.

Yet, you need to buy the proper refrigerator model for the needs of your family. The appliance should have vast space to store more food items.

  1. Home Appliances List – Vacuum Cleaner

Home Appliances List - Vacuum Cleaner

Do you have a home that has carpet laden floors? Do you also have furry pets in the home, such as dogs and cats? Then it is mandatory you possess a vacuum cleaner. Please note, a vacuum cleaner can clean dirt from the nooks and corners. And in recent times, many brands have introduced new models with affordable prices.

There are also expensive vacuum cleaners, but they have many features that can make the hard cleaning job easier. Do not forget to spend some time reading the reviews of vacuum cleaners before you go out to purchase a model.

  1. Home Appliances List – Air Conditioner

Home Appliances List - Air Conditioner

Since the last decade, many urban cities have become hot due to changes in weather conditions. This situation has made many Indian opt for the air conditioner luxury even in their homes. Do you know there exist many styles and types of air conditioners? For example, if you have a large home, opt for the central air conditioning model type. If you want cool air in only one room, there are the models of portable air conditioners and window air conditioners.

  1. Home Appliances List – Ceiling Fan

Home Appliances List - Ceiling Fan

Before the air conditioner, it was the ceiling fan which came handy to the Indians during summer. They not only provide cool air but also help circulate the same air around your entire home. There are attractive models in the market, and you can buy a model that can suit the needs of your home.

  1. Home Appliances List – Water Purifier

Home Appliances List - Water Purifier

Do you have an idea why water purifier models became popular in a country such as India? It is because of the rising concerns of pollution in the water supplied by Government Boards. By using water purifiers, you can prevent health issues. The result – you get clean drinking water.

Pollutants such as germs, toxins such as industrial pollutants containing lead or chromium get eliminated when you make use of water purifier. Ensure you know the topography of your area before you purchase a new water purifier

  1. Home Appliances List – Juicer Mixer Grinder

Home Appliances List - Juicer Mixer Grinder

There were the days when your grandmother used to ground coconut pulp to make chutney and other recipes. Not any more. In recent times, you can make use of the Mixie grinder to prepare the same recipe. In India, the use of mixer grinder has become mandatory every day to prepare some of the best recipes in a household.

  1. Home Appliances List – Geyser

Home Appliances List - Geyser

Will you like to take a bath in cold water during the winter? No, what is the solution? Geyser. In many urban households, making use of geyser to heat the water for a bath is common. And there are different types of geysers. Check with the right home appliance repair expert if you want to purchase a new model.

Smart Home

When we are talking about home appliances list, it is a must to mention the recent trend. Home automation, smart home, and Internet of Things. The next level has happened in the industry of home improvement.

Shall we explain with an example? You stay in Mumbai and have smart electronic appliances in your home. Now, you need not do manual tasks. For example, with your voice, you can send a text to the smart washing machine to stop the cleaning process. You can, with your voice on the mobile or making use of virtual assistants

like Alexa make the lights to switch on and off. Do you want to know the insides of your fridge? It is easy in recent models. You just need to download the app of the fridge. Then logging in, you can view the inside items of the fridge. You can also watch movies on the door of the fridge.

Let us take the example of an air conditioner. You have bought a recent smart air conditioner model. Now, this appliance has artificial intelligence applications installed in its design. So, once you set the temperature for a day, you do not have to do the same job again. It will store the info in its database, and then it will set the same temperature at the specific time. There are smart air conditioner models, which can store information on 12 different temperatures.

For security measures, you can make use of the smart lock to prevent outsiders from entering the home.

Smart Air Conditioners

  • LG Smart AC
  • Lloyd Smart AC – SPLIT AC-1.0 TON-LS13A3LP-W
  • Lloyd Smart AC – SPLIT AC-1.0 TON-LS13A3FF-O
  • Voltas AC Smart model

Smart Washing Machines

  • LG Smart Washing Machine model
  • IFB Smart Model


Hope you liked this article which gave information on the important home appliances list. And we summed the content up by including even the topic of home automation. But there is one factor you should always remember. The proper functioning of home appliances. Do you want to know the result if the appliance does not work?

  • If the air conditioner does not work, you get a low quantity of air in the home.
  • If the microwave does not work in proper order, some sides of the food bowl may be hot, while the other parts remain cold.
  • If the washing machine malfunctions, then your clothes can get torn. The cleaning may or may not happen.

And many more.

This is the main reason many home improvement experts stress the importance of giving maintenance service to every home appliance. Do you stay in Mumbai and have an air conditioner for maintenance service? Has the appliance crossed the warranty period? Then you need to look for an air conditioner repair professional in Mumbai. However, with many companies offering doorstep repair services, you need to go afar nor spend time to hire the right professional. Search for the best company skilled in offering household services in Mumbai. Install the app and search for the skilled experts offering  best AC service in Mumbai near your home. They will come at the scheduled time and make your AC get back to normal again.

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