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Majority of the working class all over the world lives a sedentary lifestyle. They get to work every day to sit on their desks for 8 to 10 hours and stare at the computer screens to go back home then and sleep the day off. It has become a standard for a significant portion of the population.

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What is the result? The apparent consequence of no or minimal physical activity is on people’s health. Restlessness and obesity is on the top of the list. The former makes it difficult to get comfortable even while sleeping, leading to sleep disorders. The latter is the more severe kind which will become the cause of mammoth problems like heart and liver failure.

It is a sad state of affairs, but that is life today. There is a solution, though. A solution that can easily make this worry go away. And that is getting a gym membership that you use.

Now talking about the people who are fitness fanatics and dreaming of starting a business or either of these, the title would have seemed rather appealing. If you could get the opportunity to blend your passion with your livelihood, wouldn’t you take it? And if it could bring you more success than any other endeavour, then isn’t it just a bonus?


Like I mentioned earlier, a giant proportion of people do not enjoy a very physically active lifestyle. So, it is only a fitness centre that would provide them with the opportunity to get the daily workout out of the way and move a step closer to being healthier and disease-free.

Let me accentuate the prominence of fitness centres with facts and numbers.

  • The valuation of the UK fitness industry was at a mind-boggling £5.1 billion in 2019, which was an augmentation of about a billion pounds from the previous year.
  • The number of fitness centres in the UK has elevated at around 200 to reach 7,239 in the same time frame.
  • As for the membership, they also climbed up by almost 5% to accommodate 10.1 million Britons in the fitness regime. And the surprising thing is 67% of these members do not make use of their memberships, but the gym still profits off of them.

In the next year, this number will only grow to become even more exponential than they already are. So, you tell me now, is there a chance that opening a fitness centre will not be a lucrative business? I don’t think so. Because there is a staggering difference between the number of fitness centres and the count of memberships, the opportunity for new fitness centres is immense.

You can trust the numbers for your success. You would not ever find a CCJ imposed gym owner looking for CCJ loans with no guarantor from direct lenders or even an owner with bad credit. The reason for the same are the success stories of all the fitness professionals and business owners.


After talking about the numbers, I would like to focus on the advantages of fitness centres, in terms of income and prospects of growth.


Many businesses are confined into seasons; like that of a dental clinic, more patients come in winters because of higher sensitivity than summers or mango farming, which only happens in summers. The fitness sector is one of the few businesses that is not portioned into a profitable and lean season. The income comes in throughout the year.


All fitness centres have their own stories. These are tales of people who overcome their insecurities to become better and more confident individuals. To watch a person who weighed at 300 kilograms at the beginning of his fitness journey and shed a total of 150 kilograms is nothing less than a miracle. This achievement is not just of the person himself, but of the trainer’s as well.

Building up the member’s confidence, his self-esteem and making him appreciate his body is why fitness centres are so successful. The personal touch of the trainer helps in accomplishing success.


Franchising is when the more prominent companies want to expand by selling their name to new partners for a specific period. Every McDonalds that you see in the UK has probably done the same. It allows the new business owner to reap the benefits off of the name of a bigger and already established brand.

The same can be done for fitness centres. PureGym is the biggest name in the UK, with over 230 gyms. Would you try to get your stamp of approval for 231st?


The world of business is utterly terrifying. An industry where the count of failures is far higher than that of success, it is understandable to be petrified. The only way to guarantee your success is the do your homework beforehand and understands the nuances of the trade.

This way, you can keep an upper hand on everybody else. This piece of writing intended to give you just that by making you aware of a business opportunity that can almost guarantee your success.