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The fashion spell has been cast. The 90’s styles are back on the runway. Power-shoulder tops and wide-legged pants are making the cut. From Louis Vuitton to Ralph Lauren, from Gucci to Prada, every other renowned fashion brand is running behind the current trend by trying to reinvent the 90’s style. And, to no surprise, we are just loving it!

Besides the decade-old fashion trend, there have been many new styles added to the picture. Be it clothing, accessories, footwear or make-up, every category has grown by leaps and bounds, making people spoilt for choice. And, if you want to update your wardrobe, you can easily avail the trendiest apparels at an incredible price with the help of some fantastic fashion coupons and discounts.

A complete guide to current trending fashion

Do you look at your clothes and feel like they are outdated and boring? If yes, this article will help you to find the trendiest styles and upgrade your closet accordingly.

  1. Bell sleeve tops

The decade-old bell sleeve fashion is back to the track. These smoothly-flared sleeves can be both long and short, giving an elegant look to the attire. Not only on tops, these sleeves are also prominently attached to dresses and frocks to give them a beautiful touch. 

  1. The classy nude shade

Nude colors have brought about a drastic change in the fashion industry. From vibrant colorful clothes, women switched to wearing more of nude and subtle colors like cream, baby pink, lavender etc. Apart from clothes, the face makeup has also turned nude. From nude lipsticks to nude nail paints, nude shades have become the current trend, leaving the dark shades behind.

  1. The silky satin

Be it office wear, casual wear or party wear, satin tops and dresses are the fashion industry’s current favorite. The silky, shiny look of satin gives a sophisticated yet glamorous look. Let it be a plain satin shirt for office or a cute little black satin dress for a party, satin gives a soothing and comforting look.

  1. Petite bags

Small and structured bags are the season’s most-loved accessory this year. With all colors, shapes and designs of itty bitty bags currently in trend, they have completely changed the style of carrying a bag. Though these teeny-weeny bags can merely store a pair of airpods and little cash, they are seen used by almost everyone.

  1. Oversized victorian sleeves

Oversized victorian sleeves are inspired from the 18th century fashion style. These loose baggy sleeves make the waist look thinner and add a feminine touch to your attire. Many celebrities from Hollywood and divas of the tinsel town have been spotted wearing dresses with graceful victorian sleeves. If you don’t own a dress with puffed sleeves, hurry up and buy one, because this style is going to grow more popular in the coming months.

  1. Square-toe heels

Gone are the days when people were in love with wedges and pointed high-heeled boots. You agree or not, this is the era of Square-toe heels. Available in different textures, colors and designs, these heels have been the hot talk of the town. They go with all types of dresses, be it casual, party wear or office wear and you can’t help but just adore them!

  1. Chunky gold chain necklace

You must have seen fashion icons, models and actresses wearing chunky gold necklaces on shirts and dresses. If yes, there you go! These oversized chains in gold, silver and rose-gold colors can be matched with any attire and will never go out of fashion. They can be worn alone or with a set of other smaller chains. But, trust us, they look super hot!

  1. Evergreen floral

Who doesn’t love floral? They rejuvenate the mind, making us look all-day attractive and charismatic. Florals are the perfect option for any trip, night out or just a casual day. From tops to skirts, from maxis to jump suits, floral printed clothes are girls’ go-to partners and an exquisite trend that will never end.

  1. Flare jeans

How can we forget the 90’s popular flare jeans and pants? This street style fashion has made a promising comeback and is sure to stay for long. You can style them with any color of shirt, slip top or a crop top and get ready to cut a dash.

  1.  Sexy tube tops

Yes, you read it right! Tube tops!! The super-sexy tube tops, though are not currently in trend, they are ever-voguish and ever-stunning. Their versatility is simply unimaginable. Just wear it with jeans or match it with a palazzo. Style it for a party with a mini skirt or don a jacket over it to get a formal look. Tube tops will never ever disappoint you by always giving a smashing look.

Ways to stay updated about current fashion trends

Following what is in trend can help you look exquisite and boost your confidence.  But, most of you might not know how to keep up with the current fashion trend. Don’t worry! The below ways can help you to stay informed about the ongoing styles so that you can dress to the nines.

  • Watch the famous runways
  • Take inspiration from actors
  • Follow fashion bloggers
  • Read fashion magazines and articles
  • Go window shopping
  • Check out the e-stores of top-notch fashion brands

Now that you got to know what’s hot and what’s not, put on the trendiest look for your next date. Also, let us know about the style you liked the most from the above trends.