Gift Giving During Covid 19

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Amid this global pandemic that has urged us to uproot and recalibrate the way we live our lives, we’re forced to think of new, crisis-appropriate, and creative ways to celebrate our friends and loved ones. So if anyone you know has a birthday, engagement, or another special occasion falling during the quarantine period, below is our guide on gift-giving in light of the pandemic. 

We are now all too familiar with the global guidelines that have been set in place for our health and safety, and perhaps the most widely practiced of these guidelines is social distancing. While we have been encouraged to keep a safe distance from one another, there is no need to cut off all ties completely. There are numerous ways to stay connected with the people in our lives despite the ongoing health crisis. Birthdays, engagements, and other special occasions can still be celebrated, albeit in slightly different ways from what we had been used to. Read on to see some of our crisis-appropriate suggestions and tips for one of the simplest ways to show our gratitude and appreciation for friends and loved ones: gift-giving.  

Opt for Gift Delivery Services

In line with global health and safety protocols, we have all been encouraged to make online and cashless transactions. Lucky for us, practically anything and everything can now be processed online with ease and convenience. This includes gift-giving. 

Most products can now be purchased online through different websites. What’s more, all these websites have incorporated hassle-free options for deliveries and logistics. To narrow down your online shopping, try niche gift-giving websites like It offers a wide range of gift options as well as an excellent and dependable gift delivery service. 

When shopping for gifts through gift-giving websites, remember to process your purchases ahead of time to guarantee that your gifts get to your friends and loved ones on time. Keep note of the different delivery periods according to the location of the gifts’ recipients. Always remember to read product descriptions and reviews carefully, as well. Doing so can help you assess the quality of your purchases without any physical contact. 

Some great gift ideas to be purchased from gift-giving websites include care packages, floral arrangements, personalized items, or anything that is personal, thoughtful, and practical. 

Support Your Local Merchants

Another great gift-giving idea is to include food items like cakes, desserts, fruits, or wines to go along with the gifts you will have delivered to friends and loved ones. Not only is it a thoughtful gesture, but it is also an excellent opportunity to uplift your local economy.

In these trying times, we can only expect to get by when we help each other out. Your local restaurants, bakeries, and food stores might be struggling to keep afloat. By ordering food items from them to go with your gifts for friends and loved ones, you will be helping small-scale and local businesses within your community. Getting these food items delivered to your gift recipients will not be a hassle as well, thanks to all the available food delivery services. 

When you are struggling to decide which food items to give with your gifts, a foolproof solution is to remember or figure out your recipients’ favorite food and drinks. This way, you are sure to share something you know your friends and loved ones will enjoy. Another great option is to stick with food items that you know will provide them with much-needed comfort amid the pandemic. 

Use this gift-giving guide to help you express your gratitude and appreciation to the people in your lives amid these difficult times.