Big Data Consulting

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With the business world getting complex day by day, the amount of data being generated is simply beyond the scope of traditional data management tools. Big data is basically a field of data management, which treats a large variety of data, with super increasing volumes and incoming velocity. Data processing softwares we have had of late, fails to process this humongous data set. This is where; Big Data Consulting comes into picture, which can process large volume of unstructured and low density data. This terabytes and petabytes of data might come from different avenues like click streams, mobile app, social media, field sensors and pretty much anything. It is important to note, that although data has an intrinsic value, but it’s of little use, until the full potential of its value is unlocked.

Proper exploitation of big data leads to a higher value chain

It is a fact that today big data has become like a capital for any business, which needs professional management and consulting. Big data forms the large part of the value chain, which they constantly analyze to increase process or product efficiency. Now, we have seen that with the latest technological breakthrough, the cost of data storage has gone down significantly, increasing the decision making capacity. It is very important for the organizations, to have the capability of big data consulting, as it will increase the pace of strategy implementation and immensely help in the other business decision making. It is important to have a well planned big data program across various business domains. In-order to leap towards organizations mission and vision, it is important to have the required platform readiness, to save time and cost.

A proper big data consulting service should have the following features

  • Have the capability to maintain big data services easily.
  • Spread big data solution for every industry verticals.
  • Have a robust big data risk management service at place.
  • Should have the capability to access every data storage silos, for deeper insight.
  • Have the correct methodology for data collection and establish connection between them.


Some solutions required for better Big Data exploitation

Data warehouse optimization It is important to construct a central data silo that has the capability to collate data from heterogeneous sources. Along with this it is also of great importance to maintain data quality, which will make the data retrieval easy. Therefore, a good data achieving functionality is important, which will reduce data volume on primary storage significantly less. This helps in long term data retention and also saves considerable secondary storage cost. Warehouse optimization shall also include ELT offload architecture, which allows for laminar data flow from source to the target. It is also important to have the necessary governance and security management of high value business data.

Big Data Pool- Big data consultation should design and develop a system, with which data of different shape and volume can be easily managed, empowering your business analysts with right tools to

leverage the power of big data. Therefore, a good big data consultation service should include a robust prototyping and evaluation of tool functionality. This along with a good data integration program will lead to hassle free go live enablement.

Big data analytics- In order to achieve dual benefit of revenue maximization and operation efficiency, it is important to take the help of a good big data analytics. This will provide the accurate customer insight, and open up newer revenue channels. With the power of big data, organizations can also identify any revenue or process leakage, consequently take course correction measures.

Smart data solutions include continuous latent value extraction capability from historical data, by powering an active archive. With proper usage of business intelligence (BI), a proper data mart can be created to gain deeper business insight. Organizations do need the power of advance data modeling, which can be easily integrated with the legacy system, to gain supreme authority over data. It is necessary to simplify data for common use, for this a strong big data analytics is necessary. A good big data consultation service will include the use of AI (artificial intelligence), which will imbibe the power of augmented intelligence along with general language understanding and image processing.  Since big data processes, requires access to a wide spectrum of data source like transaction, master data, or summarized data, it is important to have planned cloud provisioning for both private and public domain.