Food That Feed Cockroaches

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Roaches are not picky when it is about food. Cockroach control services experts tell that they will eat almost anything. Cockroaches have strange dietary habits that people hardly know. Instead of finding food that cockroaches eat, you will get better results when you find what they don’t eat.

These pests have three elements working together that are responsible for their voracious eating habits. You should know that cockroaches are omnivores- means they can feast on plants and animals. Moreover, these pests are opportunistic eaters. They can eat whatever they get at your place until it is plastic or metal.

They can feed themselves on leftover food you enjoyed last night. Whatever we eat can be also eaten by cockroaches- human are too omnivores; no surprise to this! This is why you find these pests most of the times in your kitchen, food storage, and near the sink and stove.

Why you see cockroaches in home?

Roaches are most common pests found across the world. In fact, cockroaches are the oldest living creature on the planet Earth. While they usually don’t bite, they are still causing health hazard for few people in an infested home. People can suffer from allergy and asthma symptoms if they come in contact with cockroach skin and waste

However, there is nothing to be panic. Your house is not dirty place if it has cockroaches. Some people regularly clean their house but still complaint of having pests at their places. Even if you take care of your home and make it tidy and clean, cockroaches can easily get food and water without much effort. This is how they still exist on this planet.

How they enter?

Cockroaches are truly resourceful pests and they know different ways to enter to your home, such as-

  • Crawling inside through cracks and small holes in the building
  • Hitching a ride on backpacks, bags, travel bags, and other things
  • Any opening to doors and windows
  • Traveling via pipes and holes in shared walls of apartments

Cockroaches are good hiders. They know the places where they can hide without any trouble. When you understand the ideal environment and feeding behaviour of cockroach, you can easily detect areas in your home where cockroaches are hiding themselves. Some places are-

  • Narrow cracks and crevices
  • Behind refrigerator
  • Under sink
  • Dark drawers and cabinets that hardly get open

What do cockroaches eat if there is no food around?

Cockroaches are omnivores like human. They see many things as great food sources that we human hardly can imagine. For instance, when you think of the starch, potatoes, pasta or bread will hit your mind at first. For cockroaches, source of starch can be book bindings, paper, wallpaper paste, and the glue on the stamps.

For protein, they depend on the dead insects, animal skin, human hair, fingernails, and human dead skin. They will also eat their own young if there is less food available. They usually don’t bite, but that doesn’t mean they don’t do it. This is rare and possible when the infestation is at cataclysmic levels.

Cockroaches like to pick on eyelashes, calluses, dead skin flakes and fingernails instead of living tissue. The reason behind this behaviour of these pests is their weak jaws. They love the keratin protein found in human nails and tresses.

There will be hardly such situation when cockroaches run out of food. Outdoors, they can eat decaying plants and dead wood. They can find food in sewage and water.

Even if there is no food, cockroaches are not going anywhere. Many species of cockroach can live up to 30 days without eating by only having water. So, if you think you can starve them out by keeping your home clean and extra clean, you are wrong. You cannot starve them at all.

Pro Practice to Prevent Pest Infestation at Home

As it is always said, prevention is better than cure, you can avoid serious cockroach infestation with some measures. There are certain steps that you can take to limit cockroach activity and prevent infestation.

  • Store food in sealed, airtight containers
  • Cover your pet meal
  • Clean stove tops, counters and floors
  • Repair plumbing leaks
  • Seal all cracks and holes in walls, doors, windows
  • Find if there is any sign you have cockroaches in your home – eggs, droppings, skin shell

If you think you can handle serious infestation with these measures, you are wrong! Cockroach control services professionals can only help you out in cockroach infestation. Their pest management practice will relentlessly protect your home. You can contact such services in your area and protect your home from such pests. Pest control services providing companies like Home Care Pest Control India are always there to help you. Connect with them and get rid of cockroaches with less toxic methods.