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Flooring is fast gaining popularity due to the multiple benefits it offers. This can be termed as a ‘long term investment’ as wood floors, if chosen in the right manner, can last for almost a life time. All you require is the basic maintenance to keep these floors looking good as new. Besides adding a touch of warmth and elegance to a home, these floors also increase the value of a home to a large extent. This only adds to the benefits. You can choose from various textures like Maple, wood, cherry and rosewood varieties to add glamor to your already-existing floor.

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What are the multiple advantages of flooring?

  • Hardness:

Different types of wood flooring are available in a different range of hardness. You need to judge how much wear and tear the flooring can go through before you settle for a specific one. Those who have pets or even children need to make a choice of Brazilian Cherry, Brazilian Teak, Santos Mahogany or American Hickory. These hardwoods are known to be resistant to wear and tear to a large extent. Since wood flooring is long-lasting, you do not have to worry about additional costs when you go for home renovation. Along with that, the labor costs also get reduced, while installing the wooden floors.

  • Colors:

You find wood flooring in a wide range of colors. There is a choice from the dark walnut to light pine and more. Ensure you opt for a color which blends well with the style of your home. Modern home can look pleasing if natural maples are chosen for the flooring.

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  • Type of Sub Floor:

You need to choose between the engineered wood flooring and the hardwood flooring depending on the type of sub floors your property has. Generally, the most common sub floors are the concrete, particle board and the plywood. Engineered and solid wood can be used for plywood sub floors, but particle boards need to be replaced with plywood before you install any wood flooring.

  • Finishing and Staining:

Staining can only add to the charm of the flooring and enhance the appeal. On the other hand, finishes can prevent the floor from getting too dirty. The finishes and stains can be chosen in accordance to your preference. Now homeowners choose form factory applied finishing for wood flooring and this is really good for eliminating dust from sanding.

Flooring is the foundation of any beautiful room.

  • Structural Factors:

The moisture levels and the temperature of a specific room decide what type of wood flooring can work well. Rooms that are located below the ground level need engineered wood flooring to be installed.

  • Installation and Price:

Before opting for specific wood flooring, it is advisable to work out a budget which is comfortable as you have multiple choices in a wide price range. Deciding on a budget before you conduct a search can make this whole process much easier and convenient.


Additional Benefit:

Besides the aesthetic appeal and durability, wood flooring tends to be environmental friendly. These require less energy and water, thus making a huge contribution to the environment by not leaving any carbon footprints. However, you need to be careful when you choose softwood finishes like pine and fir.

With these multiple factors considered you can conduct an online search for the wood flooring. Ensure you go through all the information given by the different manufacturers before you decide on a specific one. You can also choose colors and textures from online home décor portals.

Online search also helps you compare the different prices and helps you save on money. You need to ensure that there are no compromises made on the quality of neither the floor nor the installation process.