European Escapade

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Mostly, when you say Europe, the first and usual thing that pops up on your mind is the wondrous sovereign country of France – particularly the ever-famous Eiffel Tower in Paris. But, in the Western part of the ever magnificent continent, there lies the glamorous sovereign state named Belgium (officially the Kingdom of Belgium).

Though Belgium isn’t as prominent as the other European countries, it’s undeniably worthy enough to compete with its collection of exceptional architecture, diversified localities, enormous natural riches, and many more to offer. 

If you want to experience a European trip that’s amazingly unique, then you better get your feet on the ground of the glamorous country of Belgium. Still not convinced? Well, find out here why you should never forget visiting Belgium for even for once in your precious life.

1. Belgium is a lively place – not a boring one!

You might be one of those countless people who are battling with their thoughts when going on a trip abroad. It’s because most often, the fear of getting out of your sanctuary thinking it will all be boring and lifeless is there.  

Well, if that’s the case, you don’t have to worry thinking about visiting Belgium because it’s a total lively place! It’s guaranteed that you won’t experience a dull moment. 

As you go with your European tour, maybe from Paris through the Netherlands and further, don’t hesitate to stop over even for a few days in Belgium. Stroll around its city capital, Brussels, explore the mind-blowing beauty of the countryside particularly Brugge and Ghent, and see the spectacular place of Antwerp

2. Visit here the oldest shopping arcade in Europe

If you want to take a little step back in time, you can pay a visit to the oldest shopping arcade in Europe. Of course, it can only be found in Belgium’s capital, Brussels. 

The Les Galeries Royales Saint Hubert started amusing the local and tourist shoppers since it opened in the year 1847. This famous landmark in Brussels is actually an array of three buildings namely the Galerie de la Reine, the Galerie du Roi, and the Galerie de Princes. 

The must-see galleries is also a place for boutiques, chocolatiers, cinema, lace shops, restaurants, a theatre, and the choices might grow more! No doubt why you shouldn’t leave Belgium without visiting this place. 

3. Diversity in languages at its finest

One more reason for you to visit Belgium is that its diversity in languages is like no other! Technically, Belgium is split in two – in the North are the Dutch-speaking Flemish while in the South are the French-speaking Wallonians. 

You can witness a more diverse part once you set foot in Brussels. It’s simply because Brussels is the capital of the European Union – so, obviously, this place is jam-packed with migrants from all over Europe. 

4. State-of-the-art accommodation choices

It’s innate for travellers or tourists to worry about where to stay in every out-of-the-country trip they have. Though Belgium is merely a small country compared to others, it, fortunately, holds countless state-of-the-art accommodation choices!

So, if a place to stay is something that bothers you upon visiting the amazing country of Belgium, well, maybe you better think twice again. You have more choices to choose from more than you can ever imagine!

5. Have a taste of the best chocolates in the world

It can never be denied how chocolates can easily make people go gaga and drool to death. Well, if you’re a certified sweet and/or chocolate lover, then it’s time for you to have a taste of the best chocolates in the world that can only be found in Belgium! 

And definitely, aside from sipping of Belgium’s nonstop variety of beers, your Belgian tour wouldn’t be complete without experiencing strolling around the city of Brussels and the streets of Bruges! 

There, you can have a look and taste the world’s finest and most-savoured chocolates. So, if I were you, I won’t think twice about planning a quick trip to Belgium. 

Final thoughts:

The stated key points above are merely 5 of a variety of enticing reasons why you should give Belgium a visit. Don’t forget to do further research to maximise your time in the greatly mind-blowing place. 

And of course, once you set foot on the grounds of Belgium, we’re all ears to hear your exciting stories!

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