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Yes Mobo is India’s online earing platform that allows users to work from home using APP in India. Users can earn extra income – house wife, students can also make money online.


The App is listed and ranked 1st  among India’s Work From Home App, having 50,000+ users.

Guys, are you curious to know: How To Make Money Online?

You can make money online using 4 steps:

Step 1: Download, Yes Mobo app from google play store and create account using your email, whats app number.

Step 2: Select advertisement, There are different types of advertisement in the app, You can select the advertisements you want to share with your relatives and friends for a click.

Step 3: Start sharing, Share the advertisement you have selected with Relatives & Friends on Whats App.

Step 4: Get paid, You will get paid when your relatives will click on the add (Click through rate). Your monthly earnings will directly transfer into your Bank Account (you have to add bank details while creating an account).

Now you are thinking that how much money you can earn per click?

So guys, you can earn unlimited as the app don’t have any limits,  Usually you can earn Upto Rs 1 per valid click. Just for an example: if you can 500 valid click you can earn upto Rs 250 and that amount will directly will be transferred to your account. Also any user can join a App for free, by just clicking the link below Download YesMobo App.

Guys if you are looking for trusted app to make money online, first look at yesmobo.