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Which is the most advantageous?

In colloquial language we tend to use both terms indifferently, but do you know the difference between hair transplant and hair implant? In this post, we are going to shed a little light on this question. Find out!

Knowing the causes and consequences of baldness is convenient in the days that run for the sake of your hair and scalp health, in order to be able to give effective solutions. Losing hair goes beyond a purely aesthetic matter and those who think about it make a serious mistake. Good hair health can be beneficial to have good self-esteem and greater dermatological well-being, being able to avoid depression and skin cancer, among other serious illnesses. Imagine then that, when seeking the help of a specialist, it is suggested that you do a hair implant or a hair transplant. Would you know which one to choose? Let us help you choose the best option.

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Main differences between transplantation and hair implant

Although a priori many people use it interchangeably as if they had the same meaning, the reality is very different. If you are also in a process of reflection to do a transplant or implant, you must understand what each one consists of and have things clear. Below we discuss the main differences separately.

Hair transplant

The hair transplantation is characterized by the removal of hair follicular unit’s denser areas of the scalp (donor site) and then implanted in regions depopulated (recipient area). Normally, the neck or sides are removed and then the implantation is made in the upper part of the head. Local anesthesia is used in this process. Visit here Hair Transplant In Islamabad

Thanks to the technology present exclusively at Insparya, it is now much easier to do a hair transplant.

Here is the procedure: Highly trained teams of doctors and nurses accurately identify hair follicular units in better condition and in areas of higher density so that they can be removed and later implant them in the most unpopulated regions. As the hairs are from the same person, it is impossible for there to be a rejection and the transplanted hairs will live like the other hairs present on the scalp, growing at a natural rate. The results are visible around six and eight months after the intervention.

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Hair Implant

A hair implant is the simple placement of artificial hair in dead follicles, which means that, although the effects are immediately perceived and it is not necessary to take hair from the donor area, the hair will never grow. If one of these synthetic hairs falls out or is plucked, the only solution is to put back new synthetic hair. There is also a hypothesis that these artificial hair implants are rejected or that they can cause infections on the scalp. This possibility also exists in the event that the implanted hair is someone else’s.

In the end, you should evaluate the situation with its pros and cons and make the decision that best suits your case. Currently, Spain is the second country with more people suffering from alopecia, you are not alone. For this reason, at Insparya, being a specialist in hair transplantation, having the best technique, technology, and medical personnel possible for more than 10 years, we want to be able to provide a solution to this disease.