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The world has indulged so much in the field of technology that every day it seems to be a new day with new technology in front of us. Each year we come to know about the new trends of new technology that is being launched and accordingly we adopt it as per our needs. Similarly, there are businesses like fish industry, farm industry, beef cattle management industry, leather industry, etc. who was not using technologies and their each day was just like the same practices given to them by their forefathers. These businesses did not know the benefits they can avail from technology but now they are well aware of how to curl the business into easy way earning revenue platform by the use of technology as per their business nature.

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Technology has bought a great revolution in the business sector in a sense that earlier the companies were limited of using software such ERP, Peach Tree, SAP, etc and out of these software very few companies has the budget to purchase it and then spend amount in training their staff on it while the rest of the major companies just used the manual data entry methods of keeping records of their daily operations.  But now the situation is pretty much different as compared to earlier years, these days almost all companies and businesses are using various software in order to smoothen the flow of their daily work without any hassle. I we talk about agriculture industry then it has been observed that beef cattle management is the most high revenue earning business of all times right now that has created boom in the market. The I.T companies are getting a lot of request from such livestock businesses for designing and developing them management software in order to ease their daily lives and operations.

Let’s reflect some light on why beef cattle management is important?
In the field of livestock, this business is defined as follows: ‘’Beef cattle management is a management designed in such a way that offer cattle owners to monitor the daily activities of their animals with the access provided to them on their smartphones, laptops, tablets or even desktops. It is an inexpensive solution that offers effective cattle management features like: weather temperatures, condition of grazing ground and ingredients used in the feed.’’

Beef cattle management has proven to be worthy to many livestock business in the following components:


With the help of beef cattle management, handling of beef and its distribution in markets becomes easier. The system provides you with the complete history and data of each cattle in terms of meat consumption, so comparatively with advanced features it grooms your business and saves your time and additional cost that is incurred in the training of staff.


By the use of this beef cattle management the business owners come to know the significance of how systematically their work is processed and carried smoothly. The system provides the management with complete history of each animal and then management decides accordingly which animal or hers is to be slaughtered and distributed in the meat shops as per their requirements. Furthermore, the system also updates about any upcoming event like birth, matting season, chances of disease or even death. This enables the management to be ready in advance to take necessary actions.


Beef cattle management enables livestock owners to track enhanced record of feed that is being offered to the cattle in the balanced proportion, any excessive use of ingredients in the diet or perhaps over eating can disturb the immune system of the cattle. The quantity of feed consumed by the cattle makes it easier for the owners to maintain record of the ratio each animal is consuming on daily basis.


The system consist of some lucrative climatic features that it updates you on daily basis which climate is most suitable to let the cattle graze freely in the open grounds. Furthermore, it also updates you with the performance of the cattle at different time intervals.