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To make a good brand, you should have a high-quality logo that represents your brand. Also, it would win your customers’ trust easier.

Why you should build your brand

Now it may be too early for the webmaster who just set up a website. Still, you would need to be some concepts and a direction to move forward.

From the beginning, running a blog, the most important is SEO, which is focused on providing valuable articles so that others can search for your articles on Google.

The ultimate goal of running a personal brand is: “When you talk about the field, you will think of the brand.” It may be the person or the logo.

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The three major elements of a personal brand

Clear niche market

Every individual brand must have a particular theme, so choose a clear niche market, and you are an expert in this market.

Easy remember website name or domain name

The name of the website and domain must be easy to remember, and the name should not be too long, it is easy for people to have an impression, and it will prevail.

Impressive, high-quality logo

The last thing is to have a logo that is easy to produce impressions. This is the most important thing, but it would be a challenge for some who have no design experience and skills.

And then, If you are going to start your brand, build a website, or open an online store, then look no more further. Next, this post will show you one of the best logo making tools. So you can learn how this kind of service work and you can try it to make your logo by yourself in minutes. DesignEvo is to show you how you work online to do logo design.

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is a cross-platform (web-based, Android, iOS, Mac)  logo design tool. Moreover, it does not require users to register an account before downloading the created files, eliminating many registration steps. DesignEvo is very simple and straightforward. You can quickly play this tool without learning any guidelines.

How to work DesignEvo?

You can freely apply more than 10,000 templates, add from hundreds of fonts, icons, shapes and other elements to create your own logos.

The following will demonstrate the logo making process:

To use this service, you should first go to the DesignEvo website and select Make a Free Logo start your project.

Then you can choose a preset template according to your preferences, or choose to design all the details of the logo from scratch.

After you have selected your logo template, it will jump to the editor of DesignEvo. Personally, its interface is very intuitive, and it is also very easy to get started.

The user can select the element to be added from the left column of the editor, from top to bottom:

Search function: search for different vector graphics.

Text function: you can click on the text you want to change, apply the font and text design

Font function: according to your business, you can choose the classic font or art font. And after that, you can reset the color, size, text spacing, etc.

Shape function: add different shapes, lines, symbols, banners and other decorations

Background: Adjust the background color, you can choose a solid color, gradient color.

After previewing, you can download the icon if you agree. Click the Download in the upper right corner

 When the download is complete, you need to unzip the Zip file

If you choose the free plan, there will be three files, read the text file first, and then two logo files in PNG and JPG.

If it is a paid plan, there will be multiple different folders, including fonts, high-resolution logo, original logo, and vector and transparent logo, which can be selected according to different needs.


In summary, the DesignEvo interface design is really good, simple and straightforward. So if you want to make a logo, then it would be a nice try.

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